AT&T Strikes Back: Asks FCC to Investigate Google Voice


AT&T, according to the WSJ, has asked the FCC to investigate Google Voice for violating federal call-blocking rules. Basically, Google isn't letting Google Voice users connect to pricy adult chat lines and conference services. (The nerve!)

Slapped around by the FCC a couple of years ago on the same charges, AT&T wants Google to get a taste of that medicine, and likely wants to throw some of the heat they caught over the whole Apple rejection/still-studying Google Voice debacle right back Google's way.

Google's blog responds thusly:

AT&T is trying to make this about Google's support for an open Internet, but the comparison just doesn't fly. The FCC's open Internet principles apply only to the behavior of broadband carriers -- not the creators of Web-based software applications. Even though the FCC does not have jurisdiction over how software applications function, AT&T apparently wants to use the regulatory process to undermine Web-based competition and innovation.

Ah, new technology and the laws that trail far back behind it. Google may be technically right in that they're something new and different than what the law was originally designed to govern. Clearly the spirit of openness -- which Google pays enormous lip-service to when it suits them -- is what's import

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AT&T Strikes Back: Asks FCC to Investigate Google Voice


I was JUST reading this on the WSJ iPhone app just an hour ago while making dinner and was going to post. Very interesting, especially coming from AT&T of all places.

Did you know that you can add google voice number to the new A List plans and you never use any minutes. Do you think that Att will like that

Mark -- good point! Of course, you can only add "The A List" to 900 min. or more plans, so AT&T will still be making a pretty penny.

The FCC should investigate AT&T top to bottom. They're sure to find many monopolistic tactics. Google doesn't charge for Google Voice. Contrast that with what AT&T charges for iPhone text messages.