AT&T Wins Gizmodo's 12 City 3G Data Test


Look what we have here -- some great news for AT&T as it snags first place in Gizmodo's 12 city 3G data test. (Just like their latest commercial claims.) The 12 cities are as follows: Maui, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Tampa.

When it comes to being number 1 AT&T hasn't always been this lucky, customer satisfaction. Perhaps this is a sign of good things to come and maybe, just maybe, some of that anger and hatred AT&T has gotten in the past will turn into a positive vibe.

"It was measurably faster, however, download-wise, in 6 of the 12 markets where we tested, and held a significantly higher national average than the other carriers. Only Verizon came close, winning 4 of the 12 markets. For downloads, AT&T and Verizon came in first or second in nine markets, and in whatever location we tested, both AT&T and Verizon 3G were consistently present. If you're wondering about upload speeds, AT&T swept the contest, winning 12 for 12."

Personally, I've tested speeds with my AT&T and Verizon lines respectively and get the same results here in Chicago. AT&T's 3G data speeds always come out on top in both uploading and downloading.

Love AT&T or hate them, these results are somewhat impressive.

[via Gizmodo]

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AT&T Wins Gizmodo's 12 City 3G Data Test


Love their speed. Even their EDGE is pretty fast. Hate their coverage, though. I have to drive 90 miles just to touch 3G. :( Here's to hoping for a Verizon iPhone this summer! :D

That should shut verizon up for a minute! AT&T has spotty 3g where I live but it is slowly improving and expanding. I live in a slightly rural area so I expect that.

These tests were run using 3G cards for laptops. The cards were provided by the TelCo's.
Rerun the tests using popular smartphones and we'll see how each do...
2 phones per network. Ideally the same phone on multiple networks but that is unlikely.
Basically, iPhone vs Droid vs Pre vs modern TMobile variant of the G1. and for the other phone, the closest analogs of Crackberries- thosexseem to be available in roughly the same models in GSM & CDMA flavors.

So take your pick...
AT&T - faster is a smaller coverage area
Verizon - slower in a larger coverage area
I like in a fast AT&T 3G area (I can see the AT&T tower from my office window and live less than a quater mile from one) so I'm good to go.

I was shocked when I was by JFK and got 1.7 mbits/s one day maybe a mile from JFK. I live about 2 miles from JFK and I get .85-.9 mbit/s in my house.

@doubting Thomas. Not true AT&T also won engadgets test, root wireless's test bgr's test and one more (can't remember) aside from bad press it's starting to become known that where avaiable AT&T Is as they have said the nations fastest 3g network

AT&T: It's like driving a Ferrari on a paved highway, which then turns into a dirt road, which then again turns into a highway, which then again turns into a dirt road, highway, dirt, highway, dirt, and so on and so forth.
Verizon: It's like driving a Ferrari on a main blvd, consistently, with few lights.
Lesson Learned & Moral: I'd take slightly slower 3G, which in the end is faster than EDGE, as EDGE is what you'll be on most of the time with AT&T. (Remember, not too long ago, AT&T was boasting about having EDGE as part of their data network's expansiveness.)

@ Puppy: To be completely honest, all these 3G networks are a wash in my opinion. Why? This past Summer, I was at 13,000 feet climbing Matterhorn in Switzerland, and I had a full 5 bars of 3G on my iPhone. Not only was I within full reception for voice/data, it was at least 3x as fast as 3G here.
Here in the States, when 3G on one service is faster than another, but you cram more people onto fewer cell phone towers, it makes absolutely no difference.

In Tampa? Really? Cause I was just at the Apple store playing with a 3GS and speed testing it against my Droid. Both phones had 3G on, both had the same amount of service and I went to several websites I never go to.
My Droid humiliated it, finishing in at least half the time if not faster. I'm not bashing anything, it was just a speed test. And I'm questioning Gizmodo on how they tested. Is the iPhone just slower? A guy at the Verizon store said it's because the Droid communicates with the server really fast, which makes sense. But I'm going to go with Doubting Thomas and take it with a grain of salt.

I for one will be glad when the starts going to other carriers. Then most of the crying about AT&T will change to crying about the other carriers.

Funny how we're debating over a few tenths of a Mb/s. The majority of ATT's 3G maxes out at 3.6 Mb/s (will be roughly half that in real life), while Canada and Europe are currently working on upgrading to 21 Mb/s. ATT may be the fastest in the US, but it is put to shame by those.

@tk well verizon must be good
in Tampa. Because they suck in upstate Ny. My cousin has a droid and I have a iPhone 3gs. And we did a speed test. I was on the site within 8 sec him at 21 sec. Then we tried another site I was on in 11 sec he lost a signal and his phone froze up. So like I always say on here it depends on where you live.

It would be nice if my phone would ring instead of having important calls go to voice mail. ATT and iPhone reek in Ft Wayne!!!! Dropped calls, NO SERVICE -- come on ATT... fix my phone -- It's not the phone Apple says after exchanging it 2x....

@tk and also how is it that you were at the apple store testing the 3gs on AT&T 's 3g. The phones in the store are connected to wi-fi in the stores not at&t's network!!!! And if you tested the 3gs on wi-fi and your droid on verizon. The droid would get smoked. Common sense.
A little note to some people on here if your going to make up lies and stories at least make some sense.

There's no doubt that AT&T has extended and improved its network, and that it uses a more advanced technology than Verizon. However, as others have hinted, the problem is really with smartphones, in particular the iPhone, and in particular the fact that at times people could see a 3G signal but could not get a network connection for data or for phone calls. The "solution" in various areas where there have or had been problems with the iPhone 3G was to just turn of the 3G -- in order to make phone calls. Is this just the iPhone 3G? Is it all of AT&T's 3G phones? Are Blackberry and iPhone data kept separate to prevent problems with the iPhone (whatever they are -- too many users, too much data, etc.) from spreading to the Blackberry? All of these issues have been raised in the past, and no one has any idea AFAIK. No hard data. No confirmation or denial from AT&T or Apple. No investigative journalism on the matter. Nothing. It's fine for the network to have a certain speed when you can get on it; the problem is what happens when it gets overloaded with smartphone activity.
I don't really care about the individual carriers. With cable companies, or gym memberships, if you move to a new area where you can't access those services, they let you out of your contract. In the U.S., the system is not set up so that it favors the consumer enough. No carrier is going to cover every single square mile to the same degree. I hope things continue to move in the right direction.

i switched from verizon to ATT because data/internet doesn't work at all in Alaska. They dont even have a store up there. for having such a great network why dont they exist in all 50 states? All i could do is make calls with my blackberry, switched to iphone and had amazingly fast speeds.

I live in the greater Boston Area and my phone always registers 3G at the top. ALWAYS. In fact I've only seen the EDGE 'E' go on once... when I was in Brazil! A Verizon phone probably wouldn't even work there! I'm not sure what all the V-propaganda is all about. It is pretty desparate and baseless from where I'm standing.

AT&T coverage in phoenix? LMAO. I work in of the 17 and cactus. This is not an exaggeration....90% of the time, I not only DONT get 3g, I am on SOS reception...meaning that AT&T network IS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE, and I can only make emergency calls using T mobile network. When I am able to get any reception, it's spotty and fluctuates between GSM and edge, and will only get edge reception for no more than 2 or 3minutes at a time on my blackberry. I don't believe this test at ALL. I am puzzled by the lack of reception since I am in direct line of sight of a hill with an antenna array.

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