Attack of the iClones Part Deux: Storm 2 Warning

Every spring, the interweb gadgeteratti turn their attention towards rumormongering Apple's June iPhone release. So what does the BlackBerry world do? Try to wedge in a little next gen Storm chatter. rounds up some rumors from Slashgear and BGR and appears to get confirmation from Tweakers.

The code name just might be "Odin". The Storm, of course, first leaked as the Apple Killer (AK -- yeah, that turned out well...) but was originally code named the Storm, then became branded as the Storm so was re-code named (code re-named?) as Thunder. This time fears that media disdain and user dissatisfaction may have reached levels where the Storm brand itself is radioactive could get it changed again. What's with Odin? Father of thunder-god Thor (we get the connection!), one-eyed lord of the Aesir, gallows-god...

But what's the iClone aspect this time? Why trying to tout a long missing feature as a big upgrade, of course! Sure, the little berry has long supported copy/paste and MMS, so no luck there. But -- wait for it! -- this one may actually have WiFi! (If Verizon doesn't strip it out as per usual...).

Yeah, that should distract attention away from whatever little device Apple was planning for WWDC...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Attack of the iClones Part Deux: Storm 2 Warning


@Adam: Yes but that is going to just be a GSM version of the current Storm. I wonder if they'll bother releasing it though until they have something that passes as an official, stable build.
Also, I read a rumor that they are going to revamp the screen as well. Possibly eliminating the click to cure the dust bunnies under the screen issue. NO firmware release will fix that. Sorry, but don't put a beautiful screen on a device and then have us have to stare at dirt clogs under there. My guess is that they'll figure out a way to use the touch screen in a different multi-touch fashion without infringing on Apple's patents. Or maybe they'll tread all over them anyway out of desperation. Who knows?
The next incarnation of the Storm aka (He Who Must Be Renamed) is going to have to pull some serious rabbits out of its hats come June. If they don't have any of their own rabbits, they'll probably just steal some of Apple's, and call them bunnies. Then, they'll tell us they had the bunny idea long before Apples rabbits...

There's more to it than that. I heard that they're looking to have a slide out keyboard like the Pre. So now one has to wonder if they have their sites on Apple or Palm?

I have to be honest, if the Storm comes to AT&T and has Wi-Fi I might actually switch. I just like to try out new things - :P

I tried out the Storm and hated it's keyboard. The clicking looked cool in the commercials, but it ended up being a pain in the ass. At least with the iPhone you can silence your clicks. Not with the Storm. Plus it's bulky. I use to be a BB devotee, but they fell off.

I shut off my iPhone after about a week of use and bought a storm... and i am never going back

@Killa - sure it sounds funny, but I am serious. If it had Wi-Fi and was on AT&T I would have gotten the first Storm instead of going back to the iPhone.