Attack of the iClones: RIM and Samsung Double-Team Clonetacular Edition

Pop Quiz: You're the brain trust up at RIM and Samsung. You know that Apple might just be dropping something hawt today, and last time they did that they set your profitable if complacent industry on its ear, and your execs scrambling to clone catch up. So, your on the precipice of the WWDC 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote -- the only thing anyone has been talking about of late -- what do you do?

If you answered stay quiet and wait for the hype to pass, you're now officially smarter than either RIM or Samsung. Absent something innovative and decidedly non-Apple of their own to announce, better not to announce anything at all.

Which, of course, is why the RIM all Touch-screen, all the time Blackberry Thunder iClone "leaked" via Boy Genius and and the Samsung's i900 iClone is all over Engadget.

Nice try, but buying a cheap knock-off of the prom queen's dress and showing up before her at the dance won't hide the fact that you're hairy dudes with three-piece clone-suits on underneath.

Overly harsh? Maybe, but it's an iPhone blog on Jobsnote day. They shoulda know betta. In fact, they shoulda saved their energy for their soon-to-be-launched iClone 2.0 initiatives...

(Though they did get some press, eh?)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Attack of the iClones: RIM and Samsung Double-Team Clonetacular Edition


Right on! Almost!
I'm an iPhone owner and love it! But Let's face it Steve is reenventing the wheel when it comes to features and every iPhone user is applauding when he talks basics such as email sync and calendar sync that most low cost cell phones do!
So yes The baby is nice, But let's not forget that if the others weren't there, Steve would have us walk with a spoon in our hand!
Let fight begin, and let the apple win! As usual...
More to do and we'll reach near perfection!
Let's see tonight!

I love how every touchscreen is all of a sudden an "iClone." You people act as if the iPhone was the first touchscreen device or phone ever. Guess what!? It wasn't! So, I hate to break it to you, but there are only, oh, I don't know, a handful of ways to make a touchscreen phone. How are these "iClones" in any way other than being touchscreen? The Thunder, for one, has several more buttons than the iPhone and, from the looks of it, very different dimensions.
Calling every touchscreen an iClone is a simple demonstration of how uneducated you are on touchscreen phones. That's like calling the iPhone a BlackBerry wannabe because of its lousy attempt at push e-mail. =)

Yeah, i have to agree. Touchscreen was not invented by Jobs as he makes it to be.
It comes down to the keyboard. The iPhone is kick ass, i will admit, but sucks ass in the typing department.
And as for iCloning, Apple is cloning RIM and MS in the enterprise market area. So fair is fair.

What is it with some people and their ridiculous over-investment of emotion into non-living objects?
Anyways, how unobservant are you people? This honestly is a mystery to you? You really think that it's only the fact that these other devices have a touchscreen interface that anyone would dub them clones? You seriously can't see ANY other resemblances, at ALL!? Wow! Maybe I shouldn't be reading this blog seeing as it's readership tends toward the short bus.
I don't think anyone is touting that Apple invented the touchscreen interface. Instead it's about overall mobile phone computing done well. Just look at the picture above and really ask yourselves just how coincidental those other two phones are. Do you really think Samsung and Blackberry had those strikingly similar phone models in their pipelines before any iphones had seen the light of day? Get real people.
“And as for iCloning, Apple is cloning RIM and MS in the enterprise market area. So fair is fair.”
This is such a silly notoin that it doesn't even qualify for rebuttal, after all, I'm sure anyone who posts after me can easily throw on their smart ass hat and throw a million jibes at this boob logic.

"Nice try, but buying a cheap knock-off of the prom queen’s dress and showing up before her at the dance won’t hide the fact that you’re hairy dudes with three-piece clone-suits on underneath."
lol that reminds me of the Mac commercial with the home movies :) that is totally my fav.

Its actually good that all these companies are competing. It makes them try harder and the result is better products for us consumers. And also the other carriers need touchscreen devices if they dont want all their customers going to AT&T