Auburn University posts video tribute to Tim Cook

Tim Cook is a graduate of Auburn University and proud. Auburn is obviously proud of Tim Cook as well, not only granting him their lifetime achievement award back in December of 2013, but now following up on that honor with a special video tribute as well.

Cook remains involved with the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University. He is the founding chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering's Alumni Council, founded the ISE Endowed Fund for Excellence, founded the Tim Cook Leadership Scholarship, arranged for trials of Apple products for the ISE department to use and evaluate, established the Tim Cook Endowed Professorship, and was selected as the distinguished Auburn Engineer and Outstanding ISE Alumnus of 2000. Cook also took time to give the 2010 commencement address for all Auburn graduates. Cook remains a high profile figure within technology and business circuits across the globe. He continues to promote technical excellence, progressiveness in human welfare, and innovativeness in environmentally friendly manufacturing, while maintaining the core values set forth within the Auburn Creed.

You can watch Apple's SVP of Operations, Jeff Williams, Disney CEO Bob Iger, and Tim Cook Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering (!!), among others, speak to all this and more in the video above.

Source: YouTube via Apple Insider

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Auburn University posts video tribute to Tim Cook

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