iOS 4.2 features: Augmented Reality in iPhone Safari browser

We knew Apple had added accelerometer and gyroscope support to iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone, but leave it to Occipital, the company who brought us 360 Panorama, to show it off in full, Augmented Reality mode.

What they've done is created an Augmented Reality type experience for viewing panoramic photos all through the Safari Mobile browser. As far as we know no other mobile browser is equipped to be able to make use of this... yet. To sample this simply visit on your mobile Safari browser and you will see a Gyro On notice show up. Once that appears move your iPhone/iPod touch around and check out the panoramic picture they use as an example. (iPad won

If you have 360 Panorama, once you complete an upload of a panoramic photo you captured, you can use the URL to view it in Safari Mobile or send the link to others for them to check out what you captured.

This feature could be used for other things such as web apps and can only help using Safari Mobile become even better. Try this out on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch and let us know how you like it. Also if you upload some cool panoramic shots leave the URL in the comments section so we can all experience what you experienced!

For more, see our iOS 4.2 walkthrough for iPhone and iPod touch.

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Reader comments

iOS 4.2 features: Augmented Reality in iPhone Safari browser


will try and take a good one tomorrow, bought the app a few days ago but not been outside to actually try taking some indoors ones suck a bit lol

That is not augmented reality, augmented reality is a layer existing on top of our reality that we are able see with the assistance of a device like iPhone 4.
You are talking about a browser equipped with gyro and the ability to view pano photographs.

Since it uses twitpic to host the panoramic images one could assume you'd have to have a Twitter account?

I believe they are referring to the ability to do augmented reality in safari using the gyroscope. This panoramic view is not augmented reality in and of itself. However, since the gyroscope works in safari (it previously didn't) now there is an opportunity for AR to work in Safari.