auki brings iOS 7 style quick reply and more to your iPhone, available in Cydia now!

auki brings iOS 7 style quick reply and more to your iPhone, available in Cydia now!

auki is a new jailbreak app for iPhone that packs some serious punch when it comes to quick reply and quick compose. With a great design and features like stealth and silent modes, it could become the new messaging app to beat. Announced at JailbreakCon 2014, auki is available for purchase in Cydia today.

auki was developed and designed by both Surenix and Benno. Quick reply and quick compose are integrated into the native Messages app. The best part about them though is that they aren't anywhere to be found, unless you need them. There are no icons to tap or extra clutter on your Lock screen or Home screen. Just set an action for auki in Activator or use the pull down gesture on any page of Notification Center.

Other unique features of auki include stealth mode and silent mode, which also integrate into the official Messages app. Simply swipe like you would to delete and you'll see an additional button for silent mode. This enables you to silence certain message threads while others still abide by your default Message settings. Stealth mode lets you type without the recipient knowing as well as disabling read receipts on the fly.

auki is available in Cydia as of today for $3.99. I'll be taking a closer look over the next few days and posting a full review, but until then, if you happen to try it out let me know what you think of it! Will you be ditching your current message tweaks for auki? Let me know in the comments!

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Reader comments

auki brings iOS 7 style quick reply and more to your iPhone, available in Cydia now!


Looks great, but missing the call button found in Bitesms. How about using a gesture to cancel, and switch out the cancel button with a call button?

Ok, this is really the only feature I feel I am missing in the current Messages App. So I bought the tweak, plus I like to support the community. Problems I have so far:

1. For me it appears that it only supports banners and not alert notifications. I prefer Alerts for my text messages.
2. There is no items in settings to configure. I always prefer to have the ability to turn off items in the settings section.
3. It also adds the contacts pictures to the Messages app, which ends up taking up more real estate on the screen, which in turn makes my conversations more long and narrow. I have like 2 pictures on my phone for my contacts, I just don't use it, so this is something I would like to be able to turn off (see #2).

Intent is great, and think I will enjoy it.