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FAQ: Apple's macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS updates

Play that funky music

Beats X: The cheapest alternative to noise cancelling wireless earbuds

Hold. Title. Filter. Pop!

Clips: Hands-on with Apple's hip new video app!

WWDC 2017

Reminder: WWDC registration and scholarship applications begin today

Keep our browsers private

Don’t let Congress give away your right to privately browse the web

Fifty shades of gray

Did your iPhone or Apple Watch screen just turn gray? Here's the fix!

Magenta protection

AppleCare comes to T-Mobile's Premium Device Protection plan

Prime time viewing!

Check out season four of Orphan Black and more this week on Amazon!

The right tools

On Dark Matter, iPads, and trucks

Buyers Guide

Which iPad should you get?


(Product) RED iPhone 7: Unboxing and hands-on!


Deal: Unlimited Calls, Text and 10GB of 4G LTE data for $20 per month

Apple's colorful spring

Everything you need to know about Apple's spring announcements

📱 👀

Clips: Apple's new answer to social media content and sharing

Must Read!

This is the special edition (Product) RED iPhone 7!

Apple Watch Series 2

The new Apple Watch band collection: Here's what you need know

State of the small

iPhone SE: Now 32 + 128 GB bigger on the inside!

9.7-inch iPad

9.7-inch iPad FAQ: Everything you need to know!

Mastering Pokémon Go

Tyranitar, Heracross, and the rare Gen 2 — here's where to find them!

Wish list

How would you change iPad Pro?

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All Articles by Lory Gil

What's new in macOS Sierra 10.12.4

What kinds of goodies did Apple give Mac owners in macOS 10.12.4? Not much, but it's got it where it counts.

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How to download and install macOS 10.12.4 on your Mac

An update to macOS Sierra is live. Here's how to download it.

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How to change your Apple ID email address, contact info, and security questions

Need to make changes to your Apple ID? You can manage it on your iPhone!

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Did your iPhone or Apple Watch screen just turn gray? Here's the fix!

Help! My iPhone (or iPad, or Apple Watch) screen looks like a black and white TV. What do I do?

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How to make an emergency call on a locked iPhone

You can make a phone call from a locked iPhone without a passcode or Touch ID.

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Why Apple's Notes sharing still has some work to do

Sharing a note in Apple's Notes is great and all, but it's still unpolished and needs more work before it can compete with the big dogs.

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Apple kicks 16GB to the curb — no more low-storage iPhones

Apple has officially done away with the 16GB storage option and I'm not sad about it one bit!

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How to record live TV without a cable subscription using Plex DVR

Cord cutters, you too can record your favorite live TV shows and watch them whenever you want thanks to Plex DVR!

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5 best apps for reading books on your Mac

Your Mac is good for more than just emailing, browsing the web, or watching movies. You can settle down with a good book, too!

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How to delete multiple contacts at once from your iPhone

Who are all of these people and why are they in my Contacts list and how do I get rid of them all at once?

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How to fix syncing issues with the left Joy-Con controller on Nintendo Switch

If you're left Joy-Con controller keeps dropping its connection, you can fix it!

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Should you upgrade your iPhone SE for double the storage?

Is your iPhone SE too small on the inside? You can upgrade to double the storage for the same price!

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How to recover deleted files using

If you delete something in iCloud on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can recover it within 30 days through!

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How to download macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 8 to your Mac

If you are a developer and want to know what to expect in macOS Sierra, here is how to install macOS 10.12.4 beta 8.

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How to create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad

New to the Apple ecosystem? Your first step is to sign up for an Apple ID.

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How to manage your iTunes account on your iPhone and iPad

You can turn automatic downloads on or off, or even switch iTunes accounts on your iPhone and iPad!

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How to use multiple iPhone or iPad devices with one computer

If you and your family share the same computer but each have different content on your iPhone or iPad, you can still sync without getting things mixed up.

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Nintendo Switch: The ultimate guide

The Switch is easy to set up and get started with right away, but sometimes you need a little help with the details.

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How to delete a user profile on Nintendo Switch

My roommate moved out and I don't want his profile on my Nintendo Switch anymore. Delete him!

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How to watch live TV on your Apple TV without cable

You can watch broadcast television on your Apple TV without needing a cable subscription with HDHomeRun.

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