Auto-play for TV shows comes to Netflix in latest update to iOS app

Netflix has just pushed out an update to their iOS application that will please watchers of television shows via the service. The new post-play feature will cue and then begin the next episode in the season once the currently watched one ends. It's great news that a source of minor frustration has been put to rest, and the new goodies don't stop there.

Post-play for movies will display at the end of a currently watched movie, and will show the three best recommendations of other movies to watch. In addition, Netflix also says they have added enhanced second screen options in this latest update.

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Auto-play for TV shows comes to Netflix in latest update to iOS app


Glad iPad finally getting those features. They have been on Windows 8 app for sometime now. Cool features.

Auto play is my least favourite aspect of Netflix. I watch one thing a day at most, and the frantic scramble for the remote (which in the case of the PS3 bluetooth remote, will need to be 'woken up') once something ends on Netflix is not what I would call fun.

Had the same problem, especially when watching a show as I go to sleep at night. Here is how I solved it:
Go to the built in Clock, select Timer at the bottom, then at the top click the Sounds button and select "Stop Playing" at the bottom of the list. Now set the desired time. When the timer goes off it will put the iPad in Lock mode and soon after put to sleep.