Ayano Shadow wallet case for iPhone review

Bling my Thing's Ayano Kimura Shadow wallet case for iPhone 5s and and iPhone 5 is for those who want something closer to a wallet than a case. Not only does it fit your iPhone snugly, it has a full-sized pocket for your paper money so you don't have to fold or otherwise mangle your bills just to carry them around. And... there's a change purse and even a key holder!

Made with high-tensile material the Ayano Kimura Shadow wallet case may not be the traditional leather you're used to but is is waterproof and that will keep both your precious iPhone and your money safe! The only drawback is that it's a little harder and more awkward to flip back and hold open to use as a phone, at last initially.

Still, if you want that full on wallet effect and the waterproofing appeals to you, you'll like the Ayano Kimura Shadow wallet case from Bling my Thing.

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Ayano Shadow wallet case for iPhone review

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