Ballmer on Bing as iPhone Default, Google and Apple Still "Stable"

Given the rumors surrounding Apple and Google lately, and the iPhone and Microsoft Bing, it's no wonder Mobile World Congress 2010 has raised both topics again, earning a smile from Steve Ballmer, and yet another "stable" comment from Google.

First up, Reuters has comments from Vic Gundotra, Google mobile engineering lead:

"Apple is a very close and valuable partner and we're very excited about the relationship we have with them today. We have no reason to believe that's going to change." [...] "We don't want to comment on those rumours. We think that relationship is stable."

"Stable" being the same word repeated twice by Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently when he was similarly asked about the state of the Apple/Google relationship.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer played things more coyly according to Reuters:

When asked about the reports, Ballmer said "I wouldn't comment either way," but smiled, and repeated the phrase when the reporter remarked that Ballmer looked happy.

This once again highlights the broad but internally conflicted scope of Microsoft and Google's businesses. Ballmer and Schmidt no doubt want WinPho7s and Android to compete well against the iPhone, but they both also want the revenue from iPhone search traffic -- something Google reportedly pays $100 million a year for already.

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Reader comments

Ballmer on Bing as iPhone Default, Google and Apple Still "Stable"


Not a massive fan of bing. I don't like the way it's formatted or that you need to sign up to price compare. Plus I miss all the little things from google like typing " what is the time" or sums etc.
As much of a Goliath as google is getting it's still the best option out there. Hell I use their contacts, email and calendar. Couldn't untangle that easily even if I really wanted to.

Why would Apple switch to Bing as default search provider even if their relationship has soured a little?
The existing Windows phone market share is still way bigger than Android for smartphones and given yeaterday's announcement of Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft's branding and business tie-ins, Microsoft is going to be a much bigger threat to the iPhone than Android and Microsoft is more likely to go for the kill with Balmer at the helm.

I'd rather have google. I've used google exclusively as my home page for at least the past 4-5 years. It's well put together, and I almost always find what I'm looking for without a problem. If it can be searched. It can be found in google.

I have used Google for years and much prefer it to Bing. The Bing engine just does not have as many useful and easy to use features like Google search does. It take more clicks to find info on Bing.

Bing is up and coming google has been around for a long time. I think the growing competiton is good and I hope they suceed so it will push google more. The end result you people is better for consumers and that would be us. I will
give it to bing that they are producing a much better iphone app than google

I don't care if they offer bing as an option or even make it the default /if/ i can still choose google as my default. Take google away and i'll switch to primarily using a diff browser on my phone that lets me use it which would be annoying as the links in the mail client would go to safari still.