BargainBin Out of "Pocket Rejection" and into App Store

Brian Kim of Proximi wrote in to tell us that BargainBin, arguably the app that coined the term "pocket rejection", caps off one of the stranger and most memorable weeks in App Store confusion by actually getting out of the pocket and onto iPhones everywhere.

Following up on AMBER Alert's approval, and Tweetie 1.3's rejection and almost immediate reversal/approval, we have to wonder if the internet outcry on Twitter and blogs actually made a difference, and something changed deep inside Apple -- or if this is just a cosmically coincidental, Ozymandia-worthy joke.

Heh. Maybe Apple's just trying to get some good faith back from developers before they preview iPhone OS 3.0 and the new SDK on Tuesday...

If you're interested in keeping track of price-dropped apps, check out BargainBin [iTunes link] and let us know how it works for you.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

BargainBin Out of "Pocket Rejection" and into App Store


Very funny commercial. I don't think I care enough saving $1-$4 to get the app, but funny commercial nonetheless.

Tried the app and it really disappointed me. Does not list many apps and is very slow while scrolling. Deleted it after 10 minutes.

I like this app. I wanted to get Appsniper, but I was too cheap! So this is perfect. This is also good news... maybe Apple is loosening up on letting apps through.

Although the features list is lesser than AppSniper, I still liked this. AppSniper's been crashing a lot lately, so this could be a great replacement for checking bargains if you don't mind losing the ability to see the new apps list.
Another thing, the UI could be made better though. I don't quite fancy having to tap & hold just to get the menu. That seems a bit un-iPhone?

mmm, not available in UK Appstore. Stuck by the iphone since its release but i think i've had enough. Beautiful concept with a fantastic interface but over a year on and still missing features that I feel are necessary.