Barnes & Noble introduces BN eReader for iPad

The iPad eBooks war just got a bit more interesting with Barnes & Noble releasing their BN eReader for iPad into the App Store today. With the following features we are curious to see what adjustments Apple makes to iBooks, and Amazon with the Kindle in the near future.

  • Exclusive LendMe technology that lets you share eBooks with friends using any of our free BN eReader apps or NOOK eBook readers
  • LendMe allows you to grab friends’ addresses right from your existing iPad contacts
  • Free safe and secure library keeps your eBooks accessible for years and years to come
  • Ready to read in your library:
  • Ten free samples of current best sellers (with new accounts)
  • Three free classics
  • Free samples of any eBook
  • Adjustable font size so you can make the text as big as you want for reading ( 10 different sizes)
  • Multiple font types—so you pick the typeface you prefer
  • Background and text color options for easy reading in any light
  • Use our professionally designed themes or create your own
  • Tap or swipe to turn pages
  • Browse your library visually with big, beautiful color covers or in iPad style “list view” (like Apple’s Mail app)
  • Synchronize your notes, highlights and current reading position with BN eReader for PC (and our forthcoming update to iPhone)
  • 24/7 shopping -- no waiting
  • Free Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary is built right in so you don’t leave the page when looking up a word

If you have given this a try let us know what you think in the comments below! Should Apple and Amazon be worried?

[iTunes Link - Free]

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Reader comments

Barnes & Noble introduces BN eReader for iPad


Yes they should be worried. I love my kindle but not being able to share or "rent" books is a huge downside to the kindle.

The lend me feature COULD have been the thing that makes ebooks the same as dead tree books.
But the publishers stepped in and Drastically limited the list of books that can be lent, and insisted that you can LEND exactly ONCE, and only for two weeks.
Lent books return after 14 days, and can never be lent again, they can't be gifted either. So like the Kindle Read-Aloud feature, its a great idea but something the publishers refuse to allow to be used freely.

I don't think iBooks or Kindle have anything to worry about yet. I have a Nook, and I love it. It's my go-to ereader. I've tried using my iPad for reading (using each of the 3 apps in question), but I just enjoy the form factor and e-ink screen of the Nook.
Having said that, there are enough problems with the Barnes and Noble ebook ecosystem that they won't be dominating anytime soon. In fact, iBooks and Kindle have their fair share of issues too, so none of the 3 really need to worry about the others at this time. This competition between the three of them should be pretty god. I hope someone capitalizes on it and really puts together a complete experience, which I don't think any of them have done yet due in some part to the restrictions placed on them by the publishing houses.

Trying it now. Not bad. I like it better than the Kindle app, which I already deleted.
iBooks is still the best of the three, but I could use this too.