BBC iPlayer ready to go with Chromecast, no update required

BBC iPlayer

A quick heads up for Brits picking up a new Google Chromecast; the BBC iPlayer app you already have is all set and ready to go. It looks like the BBC built Chromecast support into an earlier update of the app – the same applies on Android, too – so once you have the dongle connected to your TV there's very little you need to do.

It may take a minute or so, or even a relaunch of the app to kick it into gear. When it's ready to go you'll see the standard Chromecast logo along top of the app. To cast your content you need to first connect the app by tapping on the Chromecast logo and selecting which you want to pair to. After that just go ahead and choose what you want to watch and let it do the rest.

As a Brit, I'm over the moon that the local launch of Chromecast comes with support for the BBC iPlayer. I use the iPlayer a lot, and while I have access to it through my PS3 and even my cable box, this is a far quicker way of getting shows onto the TV. I've been longing for Apple and the BBC to get it together for so long now to get the iPlayer on the Apple TV, but at least if you also have a Chromecast you do have an easy alternative now.

Did anyone go out and pick up a Chromecast this morning? I'd be interested to hear what you think of it in the comments below!

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Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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BBC iPlayer ready to go with Chromecast, no update required


Richard, do you know why bbc podcasts are only up for a week or two? Why are they just left on a server? I listen to a few football podcasts but like if you want to listen to one from last month it's gone. I've always wondered is there is some reason for this. Most radio stations i listen to are from the states but the ones that podcast shows often leave them available for download for a year or so. Regardless just curious. I hope some day iplayer is available in the states but hey Tune In works for live stuff.

Thanks for the article Richard. For those who live outside UK and want to access BBC iPlayer, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.