BBC and Sky on-demand apps cease working due to 'iOS fault'

BBC iPlayer

Official BBC and Sky apps for iOS have ceased to function as they should. According to a report over on BBC News, the issue is down to a fault with Apple's platform. Apps affected include iPlayer, Sky Go and Now TV on both iPhones and iPads. Neither party has been able to explain exactly what's causing the issue and why only a limited selection of apps are affected.

There is a potential workaround, however, if you're desperate to catch up on that one episode of Eastenders. The director of Now TV, Gidon Katz, informed the BBC that users can alter the date setting on a device and this should allow the general public to enjoy content. The only issue with messing around with times and dates is this can then cause issues with iOS itself.

Are you experiencing problems with said apps? Let us know in the comments and be sure to give this temporary fix a go if needs be, but do note that you'll likely cut off access to the App Store. We'll update when we hear from BBC and Sky as to when a fix has been implemented. Note that the apps may be region restricted.

Source: BBC

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Reader comments

BBC and Sky on-demand apps cease working due to 'iOS fault'


Confirmed, BBC iPayer not working, search and programme information still functioning but can't play any shows.

iPlayer - Seems ok now
Sky Go - Rolling the date back only brings back a few channels, this is after acknowledging the outage notice

Only affects the original iPlayer app. iPlayer Radio app still functions as it should but looks rubbish on the iPad as it's not native. A workaround for me at least for now as I only really use iPlayer for catching up with the specialist DJ's that are on at the wee hours of the day!

What, specifically, is iOS's fault? Just a curious statement without the details. And what changed in iOS that stopped just these apps from working, and yet allows a backdate to work?

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