BBM for iOS rumored to finally land September 21 [Update: Official for September 22!]

This week might be all about iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but somewhere in the background BBM for iOS may finally appear too. The latest rumors suggest before the week is out, BlackBerry's messaging service may finally go cross platform following a launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia. Chris Parsons at CrackBerry writes:

The latest rumor has the event pegged for Sept. 20th in Jakarta and even has an official looking invite to go along with it. However, we're not posting this information solely based on that. We've received quite a few emails that do suggest the date is correct

Following the launch event, BBM for iOS is said to be appearing in the App Store around the world at 12:01am local time on Saturday September 21. Hopefully this time it all pans out, and we can put the speculation to rest once and for all. Meanwhile; anyone still excited for this, or has the moment passed?

Update: No longer a rumor, it's now official. BBM will be launching on Android and iOS on September 22. Read the full press release at the link below.

Source: BlackBerry

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BBM for iOS rumored to finally land September 21 [Update: Official for September 22!]


I think BBM will have some success on non-BB platforms - but it depends on how quickly they bring the features into line with the mainstream BBM on BB10. If people can do voice/video and screen-sharing then I can see some adoption. Also, the fact that WhatsApp suffered the security embarrassment not too long ago, and the recent security/privacy hype in the media, might mean people move to the more "secure" BBM platform.

This. As another chat app, BBM is well, another chat app.

As the powerhouse communication tool it is now on BlackBerry devices, it blows the competition out of the water.

That said, if any of you need a hand after you download BBM, feel free to seek me out in the CrackBerry forums! I'll do my best to help!

I have been wanting this for a very long time. For years, literally....I was called a troll and some other choice names for even suggesting it.
I will definitely get it. I've got one contact who will not load WhatsApp and this will now mean that I can use my iPhone with BBM on it and finally have access to all my contacts without having to carry two phones if I don't want to.

I would be pretty excited except this seems to be a case of too little too late. The last of the two people I knew who had Blackberries switched to iOS about a year ago. I'll download the app, and sign in, but I don't know anyone anymore who still uses Blackberry, and most of my friends have iMessage.

But now your iPhone and droid friends will also have bbm to chat with. Isn't that the point?

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Except in the rare cases I wanted to do something like screen sharing, which is supported by BBM but not iMessage, why wouldn't I just use iMessage with my other iOS friends and Hangouts with my Android friends?

All valid points.

It's like I always say, competition is good. I don't want nor do I expect BBM to kill any other platform. I want them all fighting for our attention and pushing good feature after good feature to make sure we don't move on.

That said, BBM will be kinda barebones at launch. But once screensharing, voice/video, channels and groups are all there... What will be the point of using the others? ;)

Following a launch event where? Indonesia?? Heins must be trying to get himself fired. If you wanted to launch something that you wanted to succeed, wouldn't you at least launch it in the EU, which is the biggest market for Blackberry at this time, assuming anyone there still is interested in Blackberry? No. Let's launch half way around the world in some obscure foreign market. Way to go Heins. On the plus side, if this is true, iOS and Android users will have one cross platform messaging app.

Very laughable. If it is not because of Indonesian users and their bad internet connections, Blackberry will be done for long while ago.

You and me both! I'll be able to BBM my parents and oh will I be pesting my friends about this lol...

Yup, I'm also waiting for it. Hopefully will do better than WhatsApp, don't trust it much now either.

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I do not want to be so excited because i know it will not be supporting ios7 design and will looke awful.

It will look like the BB10 version which looks better than most of the current IM programs at the moment in my opinion

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Im curious if BBM for other platforms will have a cost to use; because I thought the carriers paid a fee for each BB phone so it could use things like bbm.

Carriers used to offer specialty data plans (before the days of 3g,4g LTE) where BlackBerries could transmit a muted amount of data without web access... But no particular fee there in.

Very anxious for it been watching and waiting would be so much easier to talk to a certain someone without the crap we deal with now bein in different countries and her on blackberry me on iPhone so HURRRRRRYYYY UUUUUPPPPPPP

Even though I find this to be oddly strange that bbm is being released to other phones let alone iPhones.. But hey it's gonna be something I can use to contact my sister better since she have a blackberry q10.. I guess I can put this into some use

It's just too late - why would anyone move from what's app -only those people moving from BB to iPhone or android will use it A if they had done this 2 years ago they would still be world leaders - too little too late - never mind - like ios7 at the moment!

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actually, BBM is insanely famous,and it will be free vs $1 per year for what's app.. Yeah I know it's nothing but for the stuff you can do on BBM; people will def use it.

BB arguably has the most experience in mobile messaging. Their version of 'too little' may likely outclass everything out there.

Whatsapp has just 2 status: Sent to server and delivered to device. No one knows if the message has been read or not. BBM users know if the message has been read or not. MessageMe app has this function too, but I expect BBM to be faster on my old iPhone 4.

I really wish they'd hurry up and do whatever it is they are doing so we can stop hearing about blackberry apps. Is there just one that is taking forever or are their like 20 different ones? Because i hear about a messenger app like once a week on imore.