BBM for iPhone goes live. Reserve your spot in the lineup now! (Yeah...!)

BBM for iPhone finally, actually launching, but there's a catch

BlackBerry has announced that BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone is coming today, but you may still have to wait a bit before you get to use it. While the app will launch in the App Store today, BlackBerry is implementing a waiting system similar to Mailbox. BlackBerry detailed the process of signing up for BBM for iPhone in a post on their Inside BlackBerry blog:

BBM Roll Out Details:
  1. Download BBM – the easiest way is to visit from your Android or iPhone browser
  2. Once you install the app, open it, and enter your email address to hold your spot in line
  3. We will email you as soon as you reach the front of the line and can start using BBM

If you previously signed up at, BlackBerry says that you can start using BBM without waiting. However, BlackBerry wants to get as many people using BBM as they can as soon as possible, so users who didn't sign up in advance shouldn't have to wait too long.

(Unless you're in Africa, in which case Samsung has arranged for 3 days of exclusivity. No, that's not a typo.)

BBM for iOS was originally announced in May, but was delayed following the leak of the Android app. While you wait to finally use BBM on your iPhone, check out our hands-on impressions of the app.

Are you looking forward to finally using BBM on your iPhone, are you annoyed that you'll need to wait, or... what's BBM?

Source: Inside BlackBerry, via CrackBerry

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Reader comments

BBM for iPhone goes live. Reserve your spot in the lineup now! (Yeah...!)


I'll throw my hat in the ring of "the queuing system totally botching the launch of BBM for iOS". With a service like Mailbox it is more or less okay, if I wait in line I can get the value from the app when I make my way to the front of it. With a service like BBM not only do I need to get to the front, I need to wait for other people I know to get it as well. Of course this might not matter if the queue only lasts a few days/weeks.

Hmm, wonder why BlackBerry is dead. They can't even roll out a messaging app. And before BBM users jump all over me let's face it, it's simply a messaging app.

If there are really that many users across the platforms (sorry Windows Phone) wanting this app, maybe they should charge for it. Could save the company..

Looks like they are serious about it being iPhone only. iPad and iPod are not compatible. I would have liked to try it out before my iPhone arrives.

Jesus Christ another wait?!? Is Blackberry serious? This better be some mind blowing S**t

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Hopefully the app will soon show you what place you are in line. For now you just sign up and when you reopen the app it gives you the same screen. We shall see, hopefully the wait is short

i was able to log in since i had a BBM account from way back in the days. you can definitely tell it's a blackberry style app vs iPhone. Interface seems bland compared to GroupMe. What really sucks is that the app cannot scan my address book to see who is already on BBM. It only lets me send out invites. so i can't even test it out, because i don't know anyone still on BBM. will report more if i can test it out with someone. 7AE86F2C

strange. i don't think i signed up to be in line in the past. i just logged in and it worked. i guess you may have to wait a little.

Cheers for testing that with me mate! It doesn't look that bad to be honest, hopefully a few updates further down the line and it could be handy for group chats.

I'm using it as well. Surprisingly I stil know a few people who are still on blackberry so this comes in handy for me.

I'll see what it is all about, not sure how many people I know are still on BB, but hey, it's free and doesn't hurt to see

Just tried entering my email again and it said its time. It's taking a while to set up though.

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I ended up getting stuck with the "Setting Up BBM" spinner for a very long time. I ended up force closing the app, restarting and then I was able to log in without a hitch.

so i reserved my place in line left it a couple of hours read this post went back into the app and it allowed me to recover my old bbm id

Any workaround for the "Setting up BBM" screen that I keep getting stuck on? I have tried to start, restart, uninstall, reinstall, and do a hard reset on the iPhone. Still keep getting stuck on that screen. Let it sit for over 1 hour last time but still never set-up. This is why I moved from Blackberry in the first place, NOTHING worked!

No known solution. Seems to have effected only a very few devices - both android and i-phone. Deleting app, restarting phone, reinstall... none of it worked. Set up several BBID accounts and several emails. Got to front of line with each. But none would get past setting up BBM.

If somebody having problem with setting up bbm just delete the app and download it again do same step wait 15 minutes for setting up and you good to go

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And again... And again... And again...

And reboot, delete, try again, uninstall, reboot, try again...

Rince, lather, repeat.

Oh, and through all the above, it *still* won't work.

I had no wait. 60mins after release.

It did take 5 minutes to register after hitting send for registration.

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Same with me, its really pissing me off ! i did this before most of my friends but some how they got an email before me !

Is it not just easier to download whats app ?? Seeing as u can download that on almost any phone so even if you have an iPhone and your mate has a bb u can still talk ?? What's app is near enough the same as bbm x

You all English speakers adapt easily to new gadget ecosystem, i.e the app store software market model. But in my country, a simple act of downloading an app through the app store is confusing for most people, because of language and tech barrier. Advantages that make Blackberry is still popular in Indonesia include the fact that BBM comes preinstalled, simple but effective dealer decision (They are only one of the few who sell their phones with Indonesian language as default language out of the box, Apple OTOH does not have any true Apple Store, let alone language), cheap phone credit, so people instead of jumpship to Android or IOS, they simply own either both and a Blackberry phone.
Despite the fact, I dont see they see Indonesia as their important market and R & D base despite it is where the biggest Blackberry sales. They are just lucky to have great local partner.
Instead they go the way of Nokia, too focus on U.S market and ignore their bigger global sales.

Sweet transferred over my old profile. Still had friends in there. Shocked. Where are the pages when you follow someone.

Unfortunately, RIM has missed the boat, again. Been saying this long before they went into the downward spiral, but their management didn't get it. When I had my Blackberry, they still were competitive but didn't do anything innovative enough to keep consumers like myself and friends from jumping ship. Most of us moved onto iOS and a couple Android with no intentions of going back. As such, we've all found third party messaging apps that work similar to BBM and because everyone already have the apps, they're not planning to consider another unless it has a considerable advantage over what we're already using. Especially, if you have convince everyone to go through the trouble of setting up a new account. So sad to see a company that created it's own market, lead it, and lose it way by not being innovative enough. Hope this never happens to Apple especially since Steve is no longer around.

Yeah so did I, around 10 o'clock too. Maybe earlier. This morning I opened the app and it didn't even say anything about holding my place in line like last night! I had to re enter my email at 10am today (and no I didn't close the app!). I am still waiting on this silly app. Thanks a lot BBM.

Ive waited 2 days for that email and i didnt receive that email forGod's sake thats long time !! How long should i wait a year ?

BBM Contact depends on ur BBID, I create new BBID, so need to add/invite pin manually.
If you use BBID that used on your old Blackberry, all BBM contact on ur old Blackberry device will transfer to Android BBM, but u cannot use the same BBID on 2 device. Yes I got the new pin when use Android BBM

yes, it's ok. now i reinstall BBM from my phone. I can use my email. U can try reinstall and use your email if you can't BBM to your friend. =D

I was wondering if anyone can please help me out? I downloaded the BBM app yesterday at 12:51 am. I did receive an email saying congrats you can now log into your account. I tried logging in on the BBM app and it stills says your still in line. I tried re-installing it but that didn't work either. I'm kinda lost. Has anyone else had this problem and what should i do?

Why don't you just charge for bbm if there is that many users all over the place you would probably get a lot of money and profit on it ??

I have been waiting for 1 day but I didn't get any email from blackberry why does it taking so long for blackberry to mail us-.-

Now finally I got my bbm pin yesss
guys there is another way to get bbm pin fast and it's very simple just open the bbm app enter your email address,click next and then force close it this can be done on iOS by double clicking the home button and swiping the app away and on android enter the multitasking menu and swipe the app away.
Now after that you have to relaunch the app and now you should have the power to create an account,which will assign you a unique pin and to begin inviting friends :)

Maybe you haven't done it in a right way do it once again it works for me maybe it works for you also and if it doesn't then you have no option unless you have to wait for the email from blackberry.