BBM for iPhone line ups over, fast access now for everyone

BBM for iPhone line ups over, fast access now for everyone

When BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone debuted there was a waiting list to gain access. That's always a good way to mitigate against massive server loads, but not a great way to satisfy everyone who wants on now, now, now. Well, looks like the waiting list is a thing of the past, and millions of downloads later, the gates are wide open for anyone and everyone who wants in.

If you haven't tried BBM for iPhone yet, now's your chance. If you have, let me know what you think.

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Reader comments

BBM for iPhone line ups over, fast access now for everyone


It men bb id. Are folks using their old ones or creating? Anybody know if Android is ready? Dh is a iOS hater and I'm using it with him.

I like it but would like to see if with the features BB users have. I'd even pay money for it. The only issue I have is that my battery drains really quick since I've installed it.

I can't figure out how to assign a different new message alert tone other than the lame and nearly inaudible one that comes with BBM for iOS7. Is this another BlackBerry fail?

That is what I am waiting for to.. It's needs to have video chat.. I am surprised on how much ppl actually downloaded the app but so far I like it.. Bring back the good ol days of blackberrys just this time any phone have access to it

Needs iPad support and a Mac app. Also windows app of they want it to be really successful

So after using BBM for a few days, here's my thoughts:
Feels very dated to me, Needs upgrades in a couple areas, like no horizontal orientation for viewing/typing,
No BBM voice,
Can't edit the option to not have message preview off. But I'll give it a try and hope they upgrade in future releases. Overall it's decent.

BBM is crap and has a horrible interface.
BBM has no advantages over Whatsapp and lacks in user friendly experience.

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Make sure you add ya boi to your BBM list of contacts homie! Holla back.

I'm in Charlotte, so if u are near, that's kool! Feels good to be back on BBM. People just have a love-hate relationship with BB. If you've never owned a BB you can never understand.


Nothing but ❤️for BBM! Yes it does need some modern additions, but overall it works like I remember it. They need to add video chat before WhatsApp wakes up and adds it. I'm doing all I can to spread the BBM word. Landscape support, video chat, and iPad support would be a huge plus!