BBM for iPhone not coming back this week

BBM's much anticipated launch on Android and iOS very publicly didn't go according to plan this past weekend, resulting in the release being halted. While some iPhone owners in locations such as New Zealand and across Asia managed to snag a copy before it was pulled, for the rest of us, we're not likely to see it return to the App Store this week. At least, not according to Andrew Bocking, the man in charge of BBM at BlackBerry:

The team is now focused on adjusting the system to completely block this unreleased version of the Android app when we go live with the official BBM for Android app. We are also making sure that the system is reinforced to handle this kind of scenario in the future. While this may sound like a simple task – it’s not. This will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week.

Bocking also reinforced the reasons behind BBM being pulled in the first place – in short, a leak of an unreleased Android version of the app caused more traffic than they could handle in such a short space of time. Perhaps the reason it was scheduled to hit specific App Stores at specific times in the first place.

In somewhat related news, the issue with BlackBerry BBM users not being able to reply to messages sent from an iPhone seems to have begun working. I've actually been able to speak to some BlackBerry owning friends and colleagues using BBM today, so at least those of you who do already have it should be starting to get a better experience from it now.

If you missed it the first time round, be sure to check out our first look at BBM for iPhone in the video that you'll find below. After all this though, are you still interested in BBM for iPhone? Or did BlackBerry blow it in your eyes? Sound off in the comments!

Source: BlackBerry via CrackBerry

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Reader comments

BBM for iPhone not coming back this week


what a mess, sounds like the app wasnt ready in the first place.

This whole release could have been ment to along side releasing the 1 billion dollar loss statement, beating the stock price down and selling at 9$ a share today.

As a BB10 user I can tell you BBM on my phone is awesome and I guarantee it would be a huge hit cross platform. But unfortunately that app they put togethor for IOS is crap and missing 95% (no video sharing? wtf) of the features. And they dont even call it beta...

Blackberry is now out of the consumer market and a private company for the forseable future. I for one need that consumer aspect in my device. So its IOS or Android. Iphone 5s or nexus 5, maybe even moto x. Ill wait for the nexus 5 to decide.

Try whatsapp, much more popular and available on all the platforms Android, ios, WP7, WP8, BB7, BB10, Symbian and even Nokia Asha S40.

I'm sooo disappointed because I really wanted BBM and was very excited and counting down the hours only to have it pulled before it got to the people in Canada, which in itself is a bit of a joke because I live a 30 minute drive from Blackberry but New Zealand got it first....sigh !

They might as well not even release it at this point. Botched launch, now a major delay. This all epitomizes why Blackberry has gone bankrupt.

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I *was* looking forward to trying out BBM, but now I'm terribly disappointed by their pathetic showing. First, it took them forever to roll out the app, and then they got the roll out horribly wrong. I take no pleasure in Blackberry's demise. Mostly, I feel for the people who work for them. They've gone from working for a respected, premiere organization to a lowly joke. I hope that they can find a home for their talents at a company that's worthy of them. What a shame.

I wonder if all this blame on a leaked Android release is just a scape-goat. It seems odd that a pre-release of the software would cause so much chaos against their supposedly secure and bullet proof infrastructure. My guess is that they did not do proper load tests and/or did not expect the amount of load on their servers that all these new BBM users would cause. I'm envisioning the techs at BlackBerry running around frantically trying to acquire, setup and configure more infrastructure to handle the load... all under the guise of "oh, it was that leaked Android pre-release..."

1.1 million users activated in the first 8 hours and that's just the leaked Android app alone (which is what caused this issue in the first place) so yeah I'd say alot.

Blackberry being Blackberry, alas.

But I _am_ still looking forward to it -- need a good & professional cross-platform messaging service. WhatsApp isn't it.

It kinda sucks cause I was able to get the download but I don't have anyone else that has BBM except some of my coworkers but I was really hoping more of my friends would have been able to get it but I guess we just have to wait till they finally fix the mess they caused but I'm really enjoying the app cause now I can use my iPhone instead of having to lug around it and the company blackberry :)

re: "BBM's much anticipated launch on Android and iOS very publicly didn't go according to plan this past weekend..."

Very little has gone according to plan for RIM / BlackBerry since late 2007.
Now, the plan is for the insurance consortium owners to sell off parts of the company.
I expect that to go pretty smoothly. Except for the OS / apps group.
Who would want to buy that dead-end technology?

I used t to be a huge BB fan girl back in the day. When I heard about B BM on iOS I was looking forward to it but after this debacle I am no longer interested. Plus, now that I think about it no one I know uses BBM anymore.

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With BB getting sold, what is their motivation to provide a free messaging client? Now that Whatsapp is going subscription, I would guess BBM will also try charging to make it a profit center, or just shut it down.

I was more than let down when I couldn't download it Sunday. I have been waiting on BBM for sometime now. Oh well, basic texting still works well enough.

i managed to grab a copy on my iphone 4s ........ but its not working properly ........ not receiving messages ....... no status notiofications ..... any solution to this ?