BBM for iPhone updated to v1.0.2.114, fixes iOS 7.0.3 font issue

In what may be the one of the fastest turn around times for a BlackBerry product ever, the issue with BBM for iPhone we mentioned earlier has now been addressed. 

BBM for iPhone is now sitting at v1.0.2.114 and rather than just fix that one bug in the release, BlackBerry decided to cover a few things according to the change log from the iTunes App Store.

What's New in Version
  • Contact categories
  • List Sorting and filtering in BBM Groups
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

If you've been checking out BBM for iPhone, you should probably find the update available in your updates section or if you've not yet given it a go, you can use the link below to grab it.

Also, make sure you stop by the iMore forums and let us know how BBM is working for you. The app has seen pelnty of downloads since release, so let's hear your thoughts on it.

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Reader comments

BBM for iPhone updated to v1.0.2.114, fixes iOS 7.0.3 font issue


Just a wee too much coverage of BBM. I sent invites to a lot of folks, including a couple using Blackberrys, and no responses. In fact, I'm seeing no interest outside of this family of sites.

Same, I sent out 400 FB invites and only one response "screw bbm". I'm sure a bunch downloaded it, but I'm not sure it's going to catch on very fast. Twitter seems pretty excited about it. That said I have added 3 new contacts today. Now if only the other 55 million bbm users can add at least three contacts!

You do realize that they are opening accounts in a staged setup as to not overload the servers I sent out a bunch of invites and a lot of people are new to BBM are some are waiting for there accounts to activate.

Well there is alot more people who already are using it extensively like myself for example it is kind of a big deal especially with 10 million downloads within the first 24 hours. But then again I've been using it for years before this S3 and so do most of my close friends and friends on Facebook and Twitter so I was able to get going from where I left off pretty quickly. Maybe they haven't used it before so they might not be interested as much. Maybe once video chat comes out they'll hop on the bandwagon.

I dont think you can login to BBM on your q10 and iphone at the same time. But if you are going from a q10 to iphone the contacts are tied to your blackberry ID so you wont lose them

As dannyd86 said, if you're moving away from Q10, you just have to sign in with your current Blackberry id on your other phone and you'll get all your contacts. Your ID can be used at one device at a time.

IMO, stick to your Q10 for BBM until the iOS/Android version gets better performance, stability and feature updates. They lack so much compared to what's on your Q10 and thats natural since it was Blackberry only app. I see a bright future for BBM but not with their current engineers or how they're trying to push an app to other platforms just for the sake of it!

Video/voice chat, screen sharing, and BBM Channel's should be their top priority, that would bring iOS and Android versions on Par with BB10

Try signing out then in or delete and re-install the app. Your contacts are tied to your Blackberry ID and not the app itself or your phone. Hope that fixes it.

Update is useless... It continues to crash everytime I access the contacts tab... So typical and annoying of BBRY that I have to setup all over again every time an update comes. And its a major batt drainer.

Sent from the iMore App

What is the relevance of BBM anyway? Before iphone I used BB for years and never understood why Messenger would take the place of text or a phone call. Additionally, BB is becoming obsolete. Even businesses are moving away from it.

Sent from the iMore App

They are activating over 500,000 accounts an hour & have a huge amount of people on a waiting list. Not sure what that list is sitting at right now but yesterday some people were reporting that it took them 28 hours to get to the front of the list

I am so tried of BlackBerry now. I was a happy user until I updated to this version. It started crashing on me.. The moment Imopen contacts list, it crashed so I followed the ol' route of BB i.e., to delete and re-install the app and this has been the biggest mistake of all. Guess what, I have been put back in their virtual queue and I need to wait to get that freaking email
FYI - I have been using BBM since 3 days also I pre-registered on when they announced that BBM will go cross-platform

What's up with BlackBerry? Where are the good developers? I guess BB don't want to succeed and likes to get doomed

Update is no go... It continues to crash everytime I access the contacts tab... Plus I have to setup all over again every time an update comes.

Sent from the iMore App

The thing still crashes after update. Failed app from a failed company. CrapBerry! Get your shit together!!!!

Sent from the iMore App really sucks that so many people are having issues. I didn't have any issues, neither before or after the update, but obviously something is off if so many other people are.

Sent from the iMore App

10.03 caught everyone by surprise. Apple just released the update without any warning. BBM isn't the only app it broke; it broke a lot of apps. BBM is just the most visible

Its not a small bug, people that had the problem cannot initiate a chat to everyone on the list, it's a worst bug than prev bug.

A great app in the hands of the worst engineers imo. I still own a blackberry and their updates to BBM are always like that, fix a bug but add another one.

Agreed, it's been over 2 days after the second bug and the fix is not come yet, i wonder what blackberry engineer doing?

Not sure about the update, but one original problem I had with the first version was that it crashed after I sent a contact a picture. Going back into the app and trying to get back into the conversation would keep crashing it. The only way I got around it was to clear the conversation, and start a new one.

I was a die hard Blackberry user before coming over to iPhone/iPad (and soon to be Mac) and used to love was a great alternative to texting (especially with the 'Delivered' and 'Read' flags). Most of my friends have switched away from Blackberry, but I have one friend back in Montreal who refuses to get off of Blackberry. I have no idea why he wouldn't want to come over to the dark side MUWAHAHAHAHA!

Got it activated on my iPhone after a wait period for 24 hours. So far nothing seems extraordinary. Have heard it has voice and screen sharing features but realized its only on BB devices only as of now. So, sticking with Whatsapp + iMessage currently as not all in my contacts have BBM and for those who have I have to add each of them using a PIN.

Update isn't working out for me. It crashes whenever I press on contacts and send a pic to a contact.

Sent from the iMore App

Well I am surprised at how many of my friends and fam have got bbm since it released.. It feels like the blackberry days when everyone is all about their bbm and pins

Even when I had a Blackberry, I never used BBM. I always thought the app looked cool, but never thought of it beyond texting. Is there something I'm missing here? Does BBM offer anything different that iMessages doesn't offer? or Facebook, Google Voice, Talkatone, etc

Sent from the iMore App

after updating latest version of bbm.....screen stuck sayng wireless connection...but my bbm data plan is activated and internet connection through wifi connected...wht should i do...

"Crapberry " even on Apps made for other platforms, all my iPhone contacts were deleted (or hiden) right after I activated my BBM App account; I even have to resync all my six accounts to fix and get all contacts back for my regular calls.

Sorry guys, you have to renew yourselves and trow that thing away for once and for all, I'm not putting up with this caveman's tool.
IPhone user.