BBM version 2.2 coming in a few days, will bring new emoticons and more


Use BBM regularly? Then you're going to be pretty stoked to know that version 2.2 of BBM is coming soon to Android and iOS. This release will focus on streamlining the BBM experience. The goal of the update is to make it easier for new users to join the BBM community and make it faster and easter to add contacts. Details and more after the break.

Here's what you get to look forward to with version 2.2 of BBM for Android and iOS:

  • Easier sign up
  • Easier friending
  • New emoticons & more

BlackBerry has cut down the number of fields it takes to sign up. You only need your name, email and password to get started with version 2.2 of BBM. To make becoming friends easier, BlackBerry has made it so that users can become friends just by clicking the BBM invite in an email. There will be no need to send a PIN invite back.

And finally, a bonus for those who don't like to text and would rather send emoticons. Version 2.2 of BBM adds 16 new emoticons. A hotdog, maracas, a hacker, and hot lips are just some of the new emoticons you'll be sending your friends.

BBM version 2.2 will be available in the Google Play Store in a few hours. While iOS users should expect to see it in the coming days. Grab the app if you don't already have it and you'll be get the update when it becomes available.

Anybody out there using BBM? How does it stack up to other messaging platforms for you?

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Source: BlackBerry Blog

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Reader comments

BBM version 2.2 coming in a few days, will bring new emoticons and more


Quite a considerable one - in third world countries, bbm is still the preferred way to communicate, regardless of platform used.

I use bbm on daily basis, to communicate with people overseas. The update description sounds pretty disappointing, as none of this appeals to the business community, which used to be their bread and butter.

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iOS needs the option to turn group notifications has had that option for a while now

Sent from the iMore App

Really only use it communicate with work buddies overseas. Wish the the created an iOS 7-like look and feel. Every time I use/look at it I feel it's horribly updated but guess can't complain since it's FINALLY universal.

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Agree. Guess I jumped the gun seeing as this will only be version 2.2. Here's to a redesign in version 3.0! (Raises glass)

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Ya, they should definitely think about changing the design...maybe move away from the Fisher Price look!!
I hate the app and only use it to communicate with non iOS users.

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Yeah the design just feels so clunky when the rest of the OS is so silky (debatable lol) smooth. And yeah I pretty much only use it for overseas and people without iOS but maybe with a redesign I'd be tempted to use it more!

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I am not too excited for the new stickers/emoticons. I would rather want BlackBerry to focus on stability.

BBM is still not optimised for iOS

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It's definitely not optimized well for iOS. I wish they would have followed the design for iOS on iPhone and the Holo design for Android. It just doesn't match either platform. It also sucks that iOS users can't turn off group notifications.

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i agree with not optimized for the iphone. i just broke my note and am back on the 4s and man bbm feels like beta on this compared to the android version...