Be the leader of your own banana republic in Tropico 4: Gold Edition, now on Mac

Be the leader of your own banana republic in Tropico 4: Gold Edition, now on Mac

Feral Interactive on Thursday announced the release of Tropico 4: Gold Edition for the Mac, a city builder and political sim that puts you in the role of the ruler of a banana republic.

You rule a tiny Caribbean nation with one goal - to turn your modest land into a thriving world power. You do so by building a thriving tourist economy, managing political intrigue, overcoming natural disasters and dealing with foreign powers too. The game incorporates a 20-mission campaign.

As the Gold Edition, Feral has bundled content that didn't come with the original PC release of the game, including the Modern Times expansion pack, a separate 12-mission campaign that deals with more current events like online propaganda. The expansion pack adds 30 new building types, also.

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xenomorph113 says:

awesome! this is a great game, played it for hours on PC, glad my Mac cousins will get that chance now :)

richard451 says:

ugh. That price. I'm tired of Mac users getting the shaft when it comes to games. (the older the game, the more expensive it seems to be) In this case, that game was $5 yesterday on Steam and averages around $10 for the last year.