Beastgrip camera system gets reviewed — Anyone ready to strap this monster to their iPhone?

Beastgrip camera system gets reviewed, anyone want to strap it to their iPhone?

Bestgrip is a Kickstarter project that aims to be a universal lens adapter for the iPhone, or most any smartphone. It packs a shoe for flash, light, boom, mic receiver, etc., five accessory mounts, including a tripod mount, and a lens mount. And as the name implies, it's a beast. George Ponder for Windows Phone Central:

I will still rely on my DSLR for my photography heavy lifting but the Beastgrip definitely increases the capability of my Windows Phone camera. I really enjoyed using the close-up lenses and will likely lean on the Beastgrip for the times I want to travel light and leave my DSLR at home.

It looks like the iOgrapher we used at CES on Hulk serum, but that seems to be exactly the point. Yesterday I ran over to the Apple Store to check out the Mac 30th displays, shot some video right on my iPhone, added bumpers and audio right in iMovie, and uploaded it straight to YouTube. To George's point, it's not as good as my 5D Mark III, but from a getting-things-done point of view, the connectivity makes it way faster. With extensions, could it also be way better?

Check out George's full Beastgrip review and let me know — would you strap this to your iPhone?

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Beastgrip camera system gets reviewed — Anyone ready to strap this monster to their iPhone?


I can't. My iPhone is a great camera because it is good enough for most things *and* always in my pocket. If I am going to shoot something where I need more - meaning I am going to have to carry something separate, it might as well be my camera - and I will get a better set of lenses and far faster shutter speed to boot.

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