Beats Music hits version 2.0, now properly designed for iPad

Beats Music

Beats Music has updated to version 2.0, and the highlight of the update is native iPad support. The iPad version includes all of the features of the original app, taking advantage of the iPad's larger screen to show you more and speed up navigation.

There are some differences in behavior between the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. Where the iPhone app treats the Library, Playlists, and other sections found in the sidebar as separate screens, the iPad version overlays them on top of the app's home screen while the sidebar is out. Every section is just a tap away, without the need to swipe.

In addition to iPad support you can also now find and follow your friends from Twitter on Beats. You can download Beats 2.0 from the App Store right now.

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Beats Music hits version 2.0, now properly designed for iPad