Beats Music looking to go on some Apple 'steroids'

Beats Music

After today's confirmed Apple acquisition of Beats, Eddy Cue and new Apple exec, Jimmy Iovine, are on stage together at the Code Conference talking about the deal. Beats Music naturally featured heavily into the discussion and a few key pointers emerged, not least Iovines desire to "put some steroids" into Beats Music under Apple's stewardship.

Iovine also talked up the actual subscriber numbers for the service after its first three months of life. All told Beats Music saw 5 million downloads and free trials, but that only translated into 250,000 current, paying subscribers. Iovine also claimed that Beats made a mistake by not offering in-app purchases from the start as part explanation of this.

The curated aspect of Beats Music was a topic of focus, the human aspect that sets it apart from some of the competing services. He also noted that Apple has a lot of information about the music people listen to – 35 billion downloads from the iTunes Store is probably more than just a lot – and that Beats is going to use that information.

The potential for Apple 'steroids' is great. Apple has 800 million registered credit cards worldwide, and there seems to be a common idea that there is a future for the subscription music service Apple has acquired. The Beats brand will remain, Apple isn't killing it off, and Cue made it clear; it isn't about what Beats has done before, it's all about what Apple and Beats will do together in the future.

What that may be, only time will tell. Feel free to speculate in the comments below!

Source: Re/code

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Beats Music looking to go on some Apple 'steroids'


Maybe they will make better fitting earpods. This way I won't have to rotate them to get louder sound in my ear but having them fall out much easier.

I just want to be able to download iTunes songs with a subscription service.

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Hopefully they can figure out how to make Beats work on a Mac without requiring Flash