Daily Tip: How to change the email account you're sending from on iPhone and iPad [Beginner]

Daily Tip: How to change the email account you're sending from on iPhone and iPad [Beginner]

Have more than one email account set up on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and curious how to change the one you're sending from? It's simple to do if not obvious, but we'll show you how after the break!

Sometimes Mail may use your default email address for a new message and you'd rather use a different one, or sometimes you might be replying to an email and want to change your sent-from address. Here's how to change it:

  • Tap on your email address in the From: field
  • You'll see more options open up (like cc: and bcc:).
  • Tap on your email address again
  • A selector will pop up listing all your addresses, with a checkmark next to the one that's currently set.
  • Scroll through the selector to find the alternate address you want to send from.
  • Tap to set the new address.
  • Tap on the Subject: field (or anywhere off the selector) to get back to your mail.

That's it, you're done! If you have any other mail tips, or any questions about this tip, let us know in the comments!

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Daily Tip: How to change the email account you're sending from on iPhone and iPad [Beginner]


Ever since iOS 4.0 came out with the unified inbox this has become far to cumbersome for an apple product. I would like to see a new way to choose a different address that doesn't require 5 different steps. Also it would be nice to see the emails in the unified inbox have some sort of color designation depending on what actual inbox they are stored in.
Maybe its just me

You guys should do a tip on how to do screen captures and save pictures. I still have friends that dont know how to do that

I just made a quick check while looking at this tip, and Hotmail has Exchange support now?? W00t!

For those of us who have had MobileMe for awhile, you can easily change the mac.com address to me.com on the computer, but the only apparent way to change it is to reset your email address in settings. Any thoughts?

I love the daily tips, keep them coming! Most of them I already knew about, but some were new to me (the one about holding down the .com key to get .net, etc was news to me!)
Thanks again!

I just wish that the iPhone could eventually learn which email address you use for certain contacts Like a Blackberry can.
For example if I always email Mike from my yahoo address, It remembers to use yahoo in the future to send the email and not the default address....