Belkin connects your home appliances with your iPhone

Belkin makes a variety of peripherals itself - the company makes cases, cables, accessories for mobile devices, laptops and desktops, networking, products for home and office, and much more.

At CES this past week, Belkin showed off products it's worked on in concert with other manufacturers - connected home appliances that enable you to do things like control what time your coffee maker will brew to when your crock pot will cook tonight's dinner. Heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers are also equipped with Belkin's hardware, to enable remote control from your smartphone. The products are expected throughout the year.

Check out our #CESlive Superpage for details.

Peter Cohen

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asuperstarr says:

I really look forward to this technology. This is useful technology. Great job Belkin and great review!

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iGeneration4 says:

I am loving this close future... A lot of great stuff to come...

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