Belkin Express Dock lets you charge your iPhone/iPad and keep it in its case

Belkin Express Dock lets you charge your iPad and keep it in its case

Belkin has introduced the Express Dock for iPad, which aims to make it easy to dock and charge your iPad, even if you use a case. The Express Dock uses a built-in Lightning-to-USB connector and a large base to charge the iPad 4 and iPad mini, as well as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s. Using the dial on the back of the dock, the Lightning connector can be raised and lowered to accommodate a variety of cases. Use the USB connector to either charge and sync to a computer, or plug in to a wall charger.

The Express Dock is available from Belkin now for $59.99.

Source: Belkin

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KCMike says:

I'm sure it's worth it however it's too expensive. I'd be a buyer @ around $20.

CORYK333 says:

So is it worth it or is it too expensive?......... says:

Do we know if this meets Apple's criteria and will charge an iOS7 device?

PhamQu says:

I believe you actually use your own lightning connector, so the question would actually be of the cable used, not the dock itself. says:

Thanks. Hope you're correct.

trmoney24 says:

i wish something dual lightning came out. so i can charge my ipad and iphone at the same time.

PhamQu says:

Everdock Duo on Kickstarter has exactly what you are looking for, my friend.

Marko451 says:

Joseph will this dock work with a life proof case?

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