Belkin officially launches its Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad, thinnest keyboard case available

Belkin officially launches its Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad, thinnest keyboard case availableBelkin has officially announced the availability of is Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad. What’s so special about this case? Well Belkin claims that it is the thinnest keyboard case available for the iPad coming in at just 6.4mm. It has been manufactured from a revolutionary aluminium alloy and magnets and weighs in at just 17 ounces.

"We believe the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case will reinvent the iPad user experience," says Jamie Elgie, senior director of product management at Belkin. "It gives the iPad all of the functionality of a laptop, while maintaining the sleek appeal of a tablet."

Featuring Belkin’s award-winning TruType keys, the Ultimate Keyboard Case provides a smooth, laptop-like typing experience to minimize errors and maintain typing speed. It also offers a fully protective back cover to keep your iPad safe from scratches, scuffs and everyday wear and tear when the keyboard is attached.

The Ultimate Keyboard Case has some really nice features like fold flat hinges that let you fold the keyboard flat and allow you to use the iPad as a tablet without the need to remove the keyboard. It also incorporates Belkin’s SoundFlow design which it claims will dramatically enhance the sound from the iPad’s speakers.

The Ultimate Keyboard Case can be pre-ordered from Belikin today with shipping estimated to be sometime in May. The Ultimate Keyboard case will be available to suit either the black iPad at a cost of $99.99 or the white iPad which will set you back a little more at $129.99. It is compatable with the iPad 2, iPad third generation and iPad 4th generation.

Source: Belkin Press Release

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Reader comments

Belkin officially launches its Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad, thinnest keyboard case available


The pricing is comparable to other keyboards that come in the slim to ultra-slim form factor, such as the MS touch or type covers. The only thing that makes no sence is why they want $30 more for just a different color.
Overall look like an impressive accessory for the iPad.

Kudos to Belkin on such a beautiful job. They have managed to make it look feasible when in tablet mode only to exposed to even looking gorgeous when closed. At ~$130 this looks to be well worth it. I hope they have plans to release one for the iPad mini. Rene, any updates or mentions for a iPad mini do you know of? (@digitalhomeboy)

Yea, I would definitely be interested if they made one for the mini. I think that Logitech has one that is similar to this but not quite as nice for the same price available for both the iPad and iPad mini.

From the looks of the product it is going to be a top notch keyboard. However the price is a bit staggering especially the $40 difference between the black and white. Nonetheless I am sure they will sell plenty of these. Who knows perhaps forking over the money is a good and stylish investment. O'm sure that is what Belkin is counting on.

I still have difficulties with keyboards for ipads: I you absolutely need this (taking into accont you'll have a second device to charge, the annoyance of having bluetooth sucking your battery etc...) you'd better go with a 11" Macbook Air. The price gap with a solid ipad plus a 100$ keyboard is insignificant regarding the benefits.

Heck you don't have a touchscreen, but if you're using a keyboard it's because you're mainly dealing with text, where a touchscreen won't help anyway...

Couldn't agree more, Dredd67. The iPad + keyboard essentially makes it bigger than the MBA11 - but you still have to give up all the "pro" features that OSX offers vs. iOS.

If you just want to avoid the annoyance of bluetooth and charging, you could always go for the Surface which has an even thinner keyboard that does not suck up your power.
But if you are sticking with iPad this is still the best looking keyboard I have seen so far.

Surface? No thanks. The only decent one is the pro and for the price might as well stick to iPad with keyboard case or MBA.

The keyboards don't impact the battery much. I start my day here at the office at 7am. Its 4pm. Ive been streaming Pandora all day. I go to my ipad for omnifocus and enter stuff and Im still at 84%

Im just commenting on the battery drainage comment. In no way am I endorsing one over the other as far as the 11" mac book.

This keyboard looks great. The biggest issue I've encountered with ipad keyboards is the fact that they're not as big as my fingers are used to. My hands are always cramped. That's why I always go back to the apple Bluetooth keyboard. I did invest on the cruxskunk through kickstarter which I'm still eagerly awaiting. The crux claims to have full sized keys. Do you know if this Belkin keyboard has full size keys?

Logitech just announced a keyboard folio with a "Full Size" key board. Looks like the caps lock will require hitting the function key as it is the "a" key as well. That would be my first choice if it were as thin as this one announced by belkin

Exactly, I was going to say the same. During the week, I need the keyboard, but on the weekends, I just use the ipad with a folio case or nothing. Its a nice option. Now of course if you "need" a macbook for what it can do that the ipad can not, well thats a different story.

Beautiful case. Already invested in an Otterbox Defender for my iPad 2. But if they do something like this for the iPad mini, I'll move on to that and give my iPad2 to my Mom.

First of all, holy price-tag Batman! Secondly, the iPad already has a wonderful keyboard that fixes your mess ups. And finally, no matter how thin and light, it's still adding unneeded weight and bulk to something that was designed to be minimalist. Just saying.

I've yet to use any on-screen keyboard that i'd describe as "wonderful" even that of my iPad. Sometimes its nice to have the option to type using an actual keyboard, especially if you have a ton of emails to deal with. And this is just my opinion but I often would rather fix my own mess-ups than have to go back and unfix the non-mess ups that iOS erroneously corrected for me.

...30$ for white. REALLY?
33% increase in price for a color????
The price for a keyboard is a bit high to begin with. But a premium like that is unimaginable.

Logitech has a new keyboard they're just announcing too. Any chance we could get a comparison study? I had a Zagg keyboard that I was very dissatisfied with.

Bluetooth keyboards should stay with the Mac in my opinion. I've been typing on digital keyboards for so long now, that I type better with what comes in the OS rather than spending another $100 on another accessory that will be outdated in 6 months to a year anyways. It's almost worth $100 to just get used to the digital keyboards.

While I understand the price for the keyboard, I simply do not understand the $30 extra simply to change the color. What a load of crap. A $5 dollar difference makes more sense.

That makes me want one. Just not sure I would need one like my 2 but maybe in future will get one with the next iPad I buy