Belkin updates WeMo app with new WeMo Light Switch features

Belkin updates WeMo app with new WeMo Light Switch features

Belkin has updated their WeMo home automation apps for iOS and Android with a few new features. Chief among them is a long-press option for their Light Switch, which is recognizable through the popular IFTTT service. There are also new controls to recognize sunrise and sunset, and an away mode which flips the lights on and off randomly to make it look like someone’s home.

WeMo extends beyond just light switches, though; they’ve got a whole family of products that let you make just about any home appliance really, really smart. Motion sensors, wall plugs, light bulbs, and even partnerships for slow cookers and air conditioners make for a truly unified home system. Check out our review of the WeMo Light Switch to get a feeling for how everything works.

If you’re interested in giving WeMo a try or updating your system, here are a few places to get started. Anyone have a WeMo system already? How are you digging it?

Source: Belkin

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Belkin updates WeMo app with new WeMo Light Switch features


Have the Light Switch and Switch (the outlet) I love them. I have the light switch attached to the porch light and it is set for sunrise and sunset and the switch is for a lamp in the living room and it is setup as a timer to turn on and off in the morning and in the evening. I'm looking to get a few more.

I have the outlet, and I love it! I have the TV/XBOX in the boys' bedroom connected to it, and its a great way to enforce bedtime.