BerryMover aims to make your switch from BlackBerry to iPhone a breeze

Looking to switch from your beloved BlackBerry device to an iPhone or adding an extra line to grab a new iPhone 4s, well be sure to check out BerryMover. The information stored on your BlackBerry device has probably become quite sacred to you and odds are losing notes, tasks, or even your text messages. Previously there was no easy transfer method to move your information from one to the next, most of the time you lost your notes and text messages, but BerryMover is here to change that up. BerryMover will allow you to easily transfer all of your contacts, emails, calendar events, tasks, notes and text messages.

BerryMover will set you back $9.99 in the AppStore, but if you have a lot of information that you care about, and don't want to take the time to sit around and manually transfer it all this is the best money you can spend.

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Reader comments

BerryMover aims to make your switch from BlackBerry to iPhone a breeze


I bought it based on these glowing reports. My experience was that it moved my contacts with half of the correct labels, half incorrect, plus it added a new field (Home Fax - Default) to all of my contact entries.
Secondly, none of my calendar was moved, even after following the instructions at their support site.
Thirdly, it doesn't move tasks, memos, sms messages or phone call logs.
Sorry guys... you really screwed up on this one.

I agree with Michael. I was promised at the store I bought it that they could transfer all my data - I got to the end of the process only to find out that they couldn't. Then I found this app and was excited to find out that there WAS indeed a way to make this happen. Unfortunately, I wasted 10$ only to find out that I can get the Blackberry back-up file onto my iPhone 4S, but that's all. The BerryMover program won't open/import/or transfer any information!! If this is ever to become useful, I think there is a lot of work to be done on this app.

I see the files on my blackberry but the button on bottem left of iphone screen does not respond. I'm an iphone newbie . . .

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BerryMover - The software moves contacts OK but everything else DOES NOT move. Calendar DOES NOT transfer.
False advertising. SCAM.