Best 5 smartwatches from CES

One of the bigger stories at CES this year was smartwatches. There were so many I had a hard time keeping track of them all, and figuring out which, if any, were worth my attention. Luckily, Adam Zeis did all the heavy lifting on that. He's compiled a list of the best 5 smartwatches at CES. From Smartwatch Fans:

This year CES was a huge year for smartwatches and wearables. There were tons of watches and fitness bands everywhere you looked and there was even a dedicated "Wrist Revolution" section which housed the likes of Neptune Pine, Sonostar, the Qualcomm Toq and MetaWatch. We definitely had a busy week scouring the floor for the latest and greatest devices, and also for stealing some hands-on time with a few devices we hadn't been able to play with before.

No spoilers. Check out the list and let me know if any catch your eye... or your wallet.

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Best 5 smartwatches from CES

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Pebble Steel. But I'll hang on with OG Pebble until the next generation hardware arrives. I'm still non-plussed by a lot of the other watches out there, and things like the Omate Truesmart just look downright ridiculous.

Still waiting to see what Apple has planned...
All of these watches have the same thing in common - a rectangular unit with bands attached to it that are used to wrap the device around you wrist. I have a feeling that Apple my try to "wow" us with a more elegant "bracelet-style" design that is less conspicuous and heavy-looking.
(What can I say? I love Apple. :D)

I have a feeling the Pebble Steel will sell like crazy if they advertise it enough. Its a classy, yet affordable smart watch. Maybe even drop the price to $199.99 down the road.

Not digging these smartwatches at all. OS vendors on mobile devices really need to do a better job of allowing me to customize what notifications I get and when, instead of giving me another device to bombard me with notifications, 95% of which I don't care about. For example, why can't I say to my phone 'silence all notifications unless my wife tries to contact me', and it really shouldn't matter if she contacts me via text, email, Facebook, or whatever.

Phones are still pretty dumb when it comes to this kind of thing, and smartwatches are just a band-aid for this issue.

I want a Pebble really bad but I have to justify spending $250 on it to my better half, lol. Especially after all these other tech goodies I upgraded this past fall.