Best alternative calendar apps for iPhone redux

Best alternative calendar apps for iPhone redux

There's no shortage of choices when it comes to alternative calendar apps for iPhone. In fact, there's so many that it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the perfect one for you. Since the App Store is always changing, it's only fair that our recommendations and favorites change with it. And we've updated that list again:

We recently took a look at the best alternative calendar apps for folks who disliked the new default Calendar app in iOS 7. Now with the release of Fantastical 2, I felt it was only right to revisit our list and add it in.

Whether it's your first time viewing our best calendar apps list or not, make sure you check out the updated version via the link below and see how Fantastical 2 stacks up against the competition.

Then let us know in the comments which Calendar app you're using!

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Best alternative calendar apps for iPhone redux


I like Calvetica, primarily b/c you can have >1 alarm for an event (even when linked to Exchange) # of available alarms is not frequently mentioned in reviews of alternative calendar apps

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Actually I did. I just really have never cared for it. I will take another look but it's always been to cluttered for my liking.

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Indeed - always the same apps, not much new to discover. Week Cal gets mentioned every time in the comments too and never gets covered.

Really too bad. I'd love to see imore cover Pocket Informant. Recent versions have made HUGE leaps ahead. Don't know what I'd do without this app!

I'm all over the place with Calendar apps. Just started using Fan2 and I really like it. Tempo just had a update with a simple interface. I'm going to use Fan2 as my go to app for a few weeks.

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There are a lot of good calendar apps right now. My favorite is a tie between Fantastical 2, for the great natural language event entry and clean display, and Calvetica 5 for the month view with color coding for events (really great at-a-glance). Honorable mention goes to Sunrise, which has the best Facebook Event integration for quickly RSVP'ing and a really nice details view.

I used to use Pocket Informant (although I'm not too familiar with the current version), if you're a real power user I think Calendars 5 by Readdle is a worth a look, but to each his own.

I really like Tempo a lot. They just updated it today too. It gets better all the time.

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Yes! This has a simple UI and has all of the features I need in a calendar app. I agree, Quintus.

I'd be interested in a shoot-out between Calendars5 and CalenGoo. I've got them both installed, and I can't decide whoch to keep. The problem is, they each have what I condsider a "must have" feature and a "must not have" bug that the other dosen't.

For me as I've stated before the Any.Do Cal app is the best calendar app this side of Cibertron. My ONLY gripe with it is it still for some retarded reason uses the iOS 6 keyboard. I hope they fix that oversight soon!

Seriously? It's not even debatable. Pocket Informant is simply awesome. Just awesome. Having had PI since my Palm Treo, this app has morphed into something extra special these days!

I've bought most of them, and keep coming back to Week Cal. I love the ability to see a week view with 18 hours per day all on one screen. Subscribed calendars are also very useful. And so many options!
I've seriously tried others, including the much-vaunted Fantastical, Tempo, Calvetica, Readdle Calendar, etc.,.,. And Week Cal stays on my springboard.

Week Cal is very nice and functional. But, in the looks dept feels a little boring to me. When they make their next major update, I'm hoping they refresh the look of the app a bit, even if it is just superficial.

I see a lot of Pocket Informant Pro fans commenting... So I checked it out again on the app store, and it doesn't look like a polished, minimalistic iOS app, it looks like a Palm Pilot app on steroids. (I should know, I tried it on my Treo years ago and quit because it was super cluttered even for a Palm app.) While it is super full-featured, I'm with Allyson... it's far too cluttered for an iOS app. That's purely an esthetic judgment, so if it works for you, please ignore my shallow vote. :)

Looked for a long time to find a calendar with an excellent month view and eventually found it - Moca Calendar - is brilliantly done and good customisation options and seamless integration with stock Calendar app and iCloud and Google accounts etc.....

I too am disappointed to see Pocket Informant Pro excluded from any list of the best calendar apps. It may have more of a learning curve than some of the others, but I think that is due to being so full of options and features. Apps like this help the iPhone to be as productive as some earlier devices, and should be welcomed in the world of the iPhone!

Calvetica has the best month view in my opinion (when you turn on "bars" for all day events). I don't like the week view or event entry much though.

Fan2 is ok, but I don't like month view (no bars) and list view doesn't show empty days.

Fantastical added the ability to create custom repeats, for example, those that occur on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Like most of my meetings do. Such an important feature. The week view and day view are really good. I like it a lot.

I've tried almost all of them, and I return quickly to Sunrise. Fantastical is close, it does a lot of things right, but Sunrise is nearly perfect.

Give 'The Grid' calendar a try for free. Bring the month view with the bottom day list back, and add powerful features like drag-n-drop, calendar text, and Natural Language. Then upgrade for Weather, reminder integration and week view.

Or give Extreme Agenda a try. A full organizer with calendar, reminders, contacts, lists, and notes. Way more powerful than anything listed, and isn't collecting your data... and you can set it up with very little clutter. :)

After months of trying calendars, here's where I am: The ideal calendar app would be beautifully minimalist; directly link to and open your contacts; badge the icon with the current date; reliably open Google maps; list iOS 7 reminders; have a monthly view that lists the day's appointments below a selected day (as with iOS prior to version 7); support natural language input; and do what no one has done (except perhaps Calendars 5) -- give a usable weekly view. But, the app need not do more than these things; no overly complicated personal assistant that is too busy to look at and too buggy to run.

No calendar app that I can find meets these (at least to me) seemingly simple and straight-forward criteria.

Because the native app is beautiful, and native language input can done through Siri, and the icon strikingly gives day and date, I run iOS 7 on the home page and Tempo in a secondary folder because Tempo links directly to my contacts. (If Tempo would badge its icon, make a reliable connection to Google maps instead of running it through Foursquare, and abolish its weird weekly view, it might replace the native app.)

I think the best alternative for the calendar app is not a calendar app but an organizer app that can handle to-dos, note taking And calendar. A stand-alone calendar is pointless for a business use. The best is to get an all-in-one app for productivity like Beesy in my opinion.