Best Buy offering major discounts on all iPads, will you be picking one up?

Best Buy offering major discounts on all iPads, will you be picking one up?

Best Buy is having a sale on iPads, both Wi-Fi and cellular. Through Saturday, anyone looking to purchase a Wi-Fi-only iPad Air will get a discount, starting with $20 off the 16GB model, and with bigger discounts for higher storage capacities. The 32, 64, and 128GB iPads are $30, $40, and $50 off, respectively. There are also major discounts being offered on all cellular iPads, according to CNET:

Buy any cellular model iPad at Best Buy, and you instantly get a $30 discount. Activate the tablet and data plan in the store, and you save an additional $100 off the price at checkout. Further, the usual activation fee of $35 is waived. Activate the iPad with AT&T or Verizon, and you receive a $100 bill credit to help you pay off the monthly data cost.

Will you be taking advantage of this sale to pick up a new iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Best Buy, CNET

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Reader comments

Best Buy offering major discounts on all iPads, will you be picking one up?


$20 off a Wi-Fi only model doesn't seem like a "major discount" but I suppose anything is better than nothing.

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If it was at least 10% off I might consider it. At only a 4-6% discount that's not worth the gas money to drive and pick it up.

Just bought one last week and got a better deal on it than that. $624 for the 32gb Verizon cellular version. No in store activation required.... Went home tested it out and added it on my Verizon plan (replaced a device) the next day.

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Got 105 off at best buy a week ago. This current deal stinks. Hardly worth posting about. And getting a 100 off a 2 year contract? That's pathetic. Get an iphone, pop sim into ipad, convert SIM from iphone to a tablet plan, then sell iphone. You should get 400 at least... Plus during Feb, verizon was giving free activation and an additional 100 credit.

My 128 gb LTE ipad ended up costing 824-400 (sell an iphone) - 100 (verizon credit) = 324. It's 10 a month with a 2 yr contract.

This doesn't even take into account the Best buy reward points obtained and cash back using a discover it card.

Same deal I got except I got a 32gb cellular model. Replaced a phone on my plan and my Verizon bill went down $30. Didn't do any trade ins though and I already have the max lines I can have on this plan so I could not take a advantage of the bill credit.

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Maybe if there was a deal on the cellular mini with retina. That would be awesome.

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Agreed. Awesome deal. I almost got that one but when I saw the price of the cellular one was only $50 more than I was expecting to pay for the wifi version I couldn't resist.

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