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Best carriers

Everything you need to know to pick the absolute best carrier deal for your iPhone or iPad

An iPhone without voice and data is just an expensive iPod, and an iPad Wi-Fi + cellular without the cellular, well, you get the idea. But carrier plans, be they single line or family, dedicated or shared, prepaid or postpaid, come at a price. They also have a tendency to change over time. A lot. So how do you make sure you get the best plan - and the most savings - possible? You check back here often, of course!

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AT&T expands its BOGO offer to include iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

AT&T has expanded its BOGO (Buy One, Get One) free phone offer to include a number of phones, including the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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Sprint has a BOGO offer for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Sprint has announced that people who buy an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus from the carrier will be able to get another one of those phones for free. The "free" part comes in the form of a monthly offset credit.

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AT&T is making it easier to use your phone in Mexico and Canada

AT&T will begin offering new roaming deals for customers who use their phones in Mexico and Canada. Starting May 20, AT&T Unlimited Plan members will not incur any roaming charges in those two countries.

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Sprint offers free year of Amazon Prime with its $100-a-month Better Choice XXL plan

Sprint has announced that customers who sign up for its $100 a month Better Choice XXL plan will get a year of Amazon Prime for free, which is normally worth $99.

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Verizon adds more data to its prepaid smartphone plans

Verizon Wireless has announced the company is adding more data to its prepaid plans for smartphones, with 6GB of data a month for $60 and 3GB of data for $45 a month.

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EU blocks Three's £10 billion takeover bid for Telefonica's O2

The EU has blocked the CK Hutchison - owner of Three UK - bid to take over Telefonica's O2 operations in the UK due to concerns that the merger would limit customer choice and increase prices.

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T-Mobile will offer families four lines with 6GB of data for $30 a month per line

T-Mobile's latest promotion is offering families four lines, each with 6GB of data, for $30 a month per line. Additional lines can be added for $20 a month each.

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T-Mobile customers will be able to use their phones in Cuba this summer

T-Mobile has announced it has signed a interconnect and roaming deal with Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba. It will allow T-Mobile customers to use their phones for calls, texts and data while they are in Cuba sometime later this summer.

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You can now roam across Europe with Vodafone for free

Vodafone has followed in the footsteps of both Three and Tesco Mobile to offer inclusive roaming in select plans. Bundled with the UK mobile network's Red and Red Value packages, the addition of included roaming allows phone users to text, call and access online services without incurring extra charges.

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NetworkAid arrives in MyRogers app to give you real-time network status and more

NetworkAid, the handy tool that helps you identify network issues in your area, is now available within the MyRogers app. Whether you are experiencing an outage or slow speeds, this will help you identify whether it is just you or the whole area.

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