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Best carriers

Everything you need to know to pick the absolute best carrier deal for your iPhone or iPad

An iPhone without voice and data is just an expensive iPod, and an iPad Wi-Fi + cellular without the cellular, well, you get the idea. But carrier plans, be they single line or family, dedicated or shared, prepaid or postpaid, come at a price. They also have a tendency to change over time. A lot. So how do you make sure you get the best plan - and the most savings - possible? You check back here often, of course!

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Verizon, Sprint and AT&T offer free calls to Belgium following attacks [Update: T-Mobile, too]

Verizon, Sprint and AT&T announced that customers can call and text numbers in Belgium free of charge in the wake of attacks in that country today.

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Verizon says the company is 'committed to an open Internet'

Verizon has announced that while it is challenging the FCC's Open Internet Order, the company is committed to an open Internet, stating that not only is it right for consumers but also vital for the business to remain successful The network has provided with example policies in which it stands by.

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Verizon ordered to pay $1.35 million for use of 'Supercookies' in mobile traffic

Verizon Wireless has been ordered to pay $1.35 million for its use of "Supercookies" in mobile traffic, following an investigation by the FCC. The investigation started just under a year ago, and has now concluded.

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AT&T sides with Apple in its fight with FBI: 'Only Congress can address these issues'

AT&T has filed an amicus brief, or “friend of the court” statement, supporting Apple in its current legal fight against the FBI over unlocking an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooting suspects. AT&T stated, "Only Congress can address these issues in a sufficiently comprehensive, uniform, and fair manner."

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Sprint teams with Dixons Carphone to open 500 stores in the U.S.

Sprint has partnered with the UK's Dixons Carphone to open 500 Sprint retail stores across the United States.

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Sprint does a 180, brings back two-year contract options for smartphones

Sprint has confirmed that the wireless carrier will once again offer its customers two-year contract pricing options for its smartphones. The company ditched those plans a few weeks ago but has brought them back due to what it said was customer demand.

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Three announces plans to block annoying adverts on the network

Three has announced plans to block annoying advertisements in the UK and Italy. The company aims to tackle "excessive and irrelevant mobile ads" by partnering up with Israel-based software company Shine.

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Sprint's latest plans offer double the data of Verizon plans for the same price

Sprint is back with another set of plans that take aim at a competitor, this time Verizon. The carrier is offering plans that resemble Verizon's S, M, L, XL and XXL plans, except Sprint is offering double the data for the same price.

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T-Mobile made $297 million in Q4 2015, adding 2.1 million customers over the holidays

T-Mobile has published the company's earnings report for Q4 2015. It was quite the profitable quarter for the U.S. carrier, netting $297 million in profit and adding a total of 2.1 million net new subscribers.

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Verizon will throw in 2GB of free data if you upgrade on their XL or XXL data plans

Verizon is once again offering an additional 2GB of data per line when adding or upgrading a device to an XL or larger data bucket. That's right, each line can get 24GB of data per year, to share or use on its own.

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