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Best carriers

Everything you need to know to pick the absolute best carrier deal for your iPhone or iPad

An iPhone without voice and data is just an expensive iPod, and an iPad Wi-Fi + cellular without the cellular, well, you get the idea. But carrier plans, be they single line or family, dedicated or shared, prepaid or postpaid, come at a price. They also have a tendency to change over time. A lot. So how do you make sure you get the best plan - and the most savings - possible? You check back here often, of course!

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How to unlock your iPhone on Verizon

Unlocking your phone from Verizon can give you the option to shop around for the best plans at any of the other carriers.

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How to unlock your iPhone on T-Mobile

If you’re like us, you're probably in love with your iPhone and don’t want to part with it. That kind of love has a way of biting you on the behind, especially if you find yourself tied to T-Mobile when you don’t want to be.

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AT&T reports Q1 2016 earnings: $40.5 billion in revenue, adds 2.3 million wireless customers

AT&T has reported its earnings for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2015, noting a sizable bump in revenues to $40.5 billion along with 2.3 million net wireless adds.

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T-Mobile added 2.2 million new customers in Q1 2016, revenue up 10%

T-Mobile has published company financial results for Q1 2016, showcasing an increase in revenue of 10.6% as well as adding 2.2 million new customers.

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How to use your iPhone on an AT&T prepaid plan

In a world filled with expensive wireless plans and unforgiving multi-year phone contracts, prepaid phone plans are becoming more popular.

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MetroPCS offers two lines with unlimited talk, text and 6GB of 4G data for $60 a month

MetroPCS is offering a new promotion where two lines can each have unlimited talk, text and data and 6GB of 4G speeds for a total of $60 a month.

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How to unlock your iPhone on AT&T

Don't feel trapped by AT&T — unlock your iPhone and enjoy your freedom!

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EE plans to have 95% of the UK covered with 4G by 2020

EE has announced the UK mobile operator is set to increase 4G coverage to 95% and bring back customer support to within country borders. The company will introduce 600 new positions across the UK and Ireland, which should please customers who both expect and appreciate customer support based in the UK.

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Verizon reports $32.2 billion in revenue, nets 640,000 postpaid additions in Q1 2016

Verizon has announced its Q1 2016 earnings. The company brought in a total operating revenue of $32.2 billion, $22 billion of which came from the wireless end. Verizon was also able to add 640,000 postpaid subscribers while keeping its churn rate low.

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Rogers now offers add-on data when you're close to your monthly limit

Rogers has begun to send out text messages to customers who are nearly at their monthly data limit, offering three choices of add-on data bundles. But is it a good deal?

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