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Best carriers

Everything you need to know to pick the absolute best carrier deal for your iPhone or iPad

An iPhone without voice and data is just an expensive iPod, and an iPad Wi-Fi + cellular without the cellular, well, you get the idea. But carrier plans, be they single line or family, dedicated or shared, prepaid or postpaid, come at a price. They also have a tendency to change over time. A lot. So how do you make sure you get the best plan - and the most savings - possible? You check back here often, of course!

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Sprint working on fix for customers hit with LTE connection issues in iOS 9.3

Sprint has begun alerting customers that it is working on a fix for the LTE connection issues a number of its customers have run into since upgrading their iPhones to iOS 9.3.

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Verizon set to add new $20 charge to smartphone upgrades [Update]

Verizon is reportedly planning to add a $20 fee for smartphone upgrades for many of its customers.

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Amazon Prime now available to Sprint customers for $11 a month

Sprint has announced that its new or current customers have the option to access Amazon Prime as an option on their bills for $10.99 a month.

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Buy an iPhone and get a second half off with T-Mobile

Are you interested in purchasing a new iPhone, but happen to know of someone else who may want one too? If so, T-Mobile will be an option worth considering with the U.S. network's latest iPhone promotion. You can buy one and get a second half price.

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You can now watch all your favorite shows while mobile with EE TV

If you're a massive fan of TV, EE will have you covered when you're not at home. The UK mobile network has announced that the company has become the first operator to enable remote viewing of all free to view programming.

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AT&T to offer unlimited data for U-verse home Internet customers

AT&T announced some changes for its home Internet customers, including the option to add unlimited data for U-verse subscribers for an additional $30 a month.

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T-Mobile reportedly set to launch data-only plans on March 30

T-Mobile will launch data-only plans for phones starting on March 30, according to a new report.

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Sprint offers 30-day guarantee that you'll love the network

Sprint has announced a new 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The company is so sure you'll love the U.S. carrier's network that it will refund you the cost of the smartphone and service if you're not completely satisfied.

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Netflix admits it throttles video streams for Verizon and AT&T customers

Netflix has admitted that it has been throttling video streams for AT&T and Verizon customers, among others, for the past five years.

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Which U.K. iPhone carrier and plan should you get?

If you're in the UK and you're thinking about picking up a new iPhone hopefully we can help you navigate the maze of prices and contracts to make the best choice for you!

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