The Best Cases from #CESlive 2014

There's one thing that is in plentiful abundance at CES - cases. Cases for iPhones, cases for iPads. Cases, cases, cases. Cases until they're coming out ouf our ears. Cases.

But we've distilled down in this short video what we think are the absolute best new cases that we've seen this year. Join us - well, more specifically, join Georgia - as she shows off the best cases we found.

And make sure to check #CESlive to wrap up all the CES news this past week!

Peter Cohen

Managing Editor of iMore, Mac and gaming specialist and all-around technologist. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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The Best Cases from #CESlive 2014

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Missed The FLIR ONE... new iPhone case with FLIR infrared imaging technology built in to use your phone as an IR camera...

Too bad you didn't follow up with a URL to each of the "best". Especially since you didn't have a closeup of all of them!!

Love how since otter box bought life proof they can now use pretty much the exact design on their otter boxes but with a few tweaks kinda lame in my opinion. But I'm also stuck in my life proof way so......

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I've yet to find a better all around case than an Otterbox defender. I'd like a hybrid of a life proof Fre and a defender one with better sound I.e. Not muffled.

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I would like to check out that new Symmetry case from Otterbox. Anyone know how this case is at the bottom where the lightning port is?

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