Best iOS 7 apps for iPhone [redux]

Best iOS 7 ready apps for iPhone redux

When iOS 7 initially launched, we provided you with an initial list of the best iOS 7 ready apps. Since then, lots of new apps have either been updated or completely redone to fit the look and design of iOS 7. So it only seemed appropriate we update our list as well...

With the release of new apps like Fantastical 2, Tweetbot 3, and more, we figured it was time for us to add a few more App Store apps to our choices for best iOS 7 ready apps. Whether you're checking out our list for the first time or not, hit the link below to check out the entire updated list.

And if you find any apps that blow you away on iOS 7, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Fit24 says:

I decided to try Fantastical 2. I am very impressed with it, especially the natural language input and Reminders integration.

angermeans says:

I also downloaded it this weekend. I picked up the original on my iPhone and also the $19.99 one for my rMBP and have used and loved them for almost a year. I was going to hold off, but I'm glad I didn't. This is well worth the upgrade. It looks so nice and runs very well. The integration if reminders makes this a must have app as it kills two apps (cal and reminders) and puts them in one easy to use application. I would suggest this app to anyone even people that spent money on the first one.

SOV says:

Reddit client Alien Blue.

prophecyc2 says:

am I missing the list somewhere?

RollTideFanGrl says:

No..I am searching for it as well.

OMMBoy says:

Jeez! Doesn't anybody read anymore?! Do people only look at pictures?! All the information you need to find the list is in Ally's article. GO FIND IT (it really isn't that difficult)!

BTW, great list, Ally ;)

PhatRS says:

I really like Harken for iPhone. It's really easy to use in the car instead of the built-in Music App.

sooby04 says:

You tried car tunes app? It's free

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ctt1wbw says:

Also AwesomeNote. to-do-calendar/id320203391?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im

Pmjackso Pmjackso says:

" discovr - discover music " is an app by filter squad that plays very nicely on ios7

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Galley says:

Rhapsody was recently updated for iOS 7, and it's fantastic.

DJTiNiN says:

Check out, Boca Video, a productivity mobile production app for sellers & promoters (ebay, etsy, real estate, dealerships, etc.)

nemovn says:

The case in picture is awesome. I love it so much. Anyone help me to find out the case's name?
Thanks in advance