The best smartwatches your money can buy right now

Smartwatches are a real thing, and if CES was anything to go by then they'll continue to grow and grow over the coming year. While we're partial to a smartwatch or two ourselves, our buddy Adam Zeis over on Smartwatch Fans is the go to man for everything you could possibly want to know. Including the best smartwatches you can buy right now.

No spoilers, but if you've been following along with recent Mobile Nations coverage, the favorite may come as little surprise. Go ahead and check it out, and let's hear what you think; which is your favorite?

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The best smartwatches your money can buy right now


I got the Pebble and I love it. Easy to setup and great apps to change faces and interactions. Loving it a lot more than I expected.

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The first Pebble looks nice, but whoever designed the new one, the metal one, needs a kick in the ass. It looks like a CHEAP Timex that I used to have about 30 years ago.

It baffles my small brain why people think that's a nice watch. The Pebble Steal makes that Samsung smart watch look like a Rolex. haha

From the current selection we have, I'd say Pebble Steel. Still waiting for Apple's own smartwatch version.

You do not need to charge it. just change the battery every year