BeWeather for iPhone is here, BlackBerry switchers rejoice!

BeWeather for iPhone is here, BlackBerry switchers rejoice!

BeWeather, an extremely popular weather app for BlackBerry, has finally made its way to the iPhone. Not only does BeWeather have a beautiful design, it's also loaded with useful features including integration with DarkSky and Weather Underground. It's also available in not only the US, but Europe and Canada as well.

On the initial launch BeWeather lets you pick a design you like which includes beautiful images, animated images, or a radar map. You can always change this later. You can add as many locations to BeWeather as you'd like through the side menu.

When it comes to features, BeWeather offers quite a few of them. For free you get access to features such as precipitation, hourly and 7-day forecasts, sunset and sunrise data, radar maps, and more. If you want to upgrade to BeWeather Pro via an in-app purchase, you can do so for $2.99. This gives you even more data including up to the minute forecast data that you can access for all supported locations by just tapping on the hourly forecast. The pro version also includes things like push notifications for weather alerts in your area.

Some features are only available in certain areas but for the most part, BeWeather is well supports across the board for most features. The app description specifies where information is only applicable to certain areas so be sure to check that out too.

I can see why BlackBerry users enjoy BeWeather so much and it has earned a spot on my Home screen, at least for now. If you happen to try it out, let us know what you think in the comments!

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Reader comments

BeWeather for iPhone is here, BlackBerry switchers rejoice!


Thanks, these look cool, but I'd really appreciate a comparison to the other keyboard cases you've reviewed to see who comes out on top!

I really like it. Already bought the upgrade. Weather on the lock screen doesn't seem to be working, though.

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The weather on the lockscreen will appear approximately once every hour. Once you swipe it away or unlock the screen it will again reappear after about an hour.

imore says in you can load as many locations thru side menu but when go to a third it you u have to upgade

I put the iphone version on my iPad and it works fine. In the App Store you just have to switch it from iPad Only to iPhone only and then find BeWeather and install it !

This does work but we are planning to release a more optimized version for the iPad in the future.

Looks good! Perfect Weather resides on my home screen but this looks like it could be perfect for lots or people. :-)

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This and Yahoo Weather are very, very similar. I think there should be a weather app showdown by a professional reviewer.

Here's my two cents.

I just saw this article, downloaded, and immediately purchased the $2.99 Pro upgrade, after reading in the description that the upgrade will show the temperature on the icon, or on the badge--either way, the entire reason I upgraded.

I like to preserve my battery, so I never have location on unless I'm using maps (and note that my background app refresh is off as well.)

With The Weather Channel's app, I was able to have my selected home city, well, my first city on the list technically. Every time I'd open the app, it would show me the temperature for the last city I had viewed, whether the app had been open or closed. I think--or it would just show me my home, which was fine.

Well, in BeWeather, I can only assume it would like to you always have location on. It has a default "unknown" location that I cannot delete, and I cannot rearrange the locations. That "unknown" location is the "first" and when you open the app that is the one it shows...So unfortunately, I'm assuming the temp is not showing on the icon because it doesn't know where the hell I am.

Well guess what BeWeather, this is an iPhone, so let me have choice, and delete that damn unknown location-based battery-sucking location and allow me to tell you where I'd like to see the weather.

Not to mention, in the settings it tells you underneath the "other" options i mentioned above that you must have background app refresh on!!!

I'm trying to save battery life BeWeather, not waste it all on weather!

Huge let down to a former BlackBerry user excited about this product.

*and no, I did not turn location on to see if there is a glitch or if using location fixed my issue. I'm too lazy, sorry. I shouldn't have to use location.

You can rearrange all but the first location. This is always fixed to 'My Location'.

Not sure if I understand how you want to use the temperature badge. BeWeather needs to update in the background to keep the badge current? Otherwise you would only see whatever temperature you saw while last time using the app.

No, I'd like to not keep my location on. Both the weather native app and the weather channel app allow you to choose locations and do not require location to be on.

I'd like the badge icon to display temp of a city I choose, and to only refresh that temp when I got into the app. I do not need it to update in the background and stay current as I view my app throughout the day anyway.

However, I'd be willing to allow this app to update in the background if I was able to have it work as I've mentioned.

Have you researched how much battery-life it is sucking to have background app refresh on? Or location on? I use them both and I'm quite satisfied. Of course, if you can convince me otherwise....I might.... ;)

Thoroughly; I've had a cellphone since 2003. Location and background app refresh suck battery, both on and when in use!

I still have and use BeWeather, but I find it annoying to open the app and see the "unknown" location with no info. I have to swipe to the left once to view my home city.

It's a great app but so are the others, and most of those work a little more fluidly.

I get your point. And it definitely makes sense. BeWeather uses cell triangulation to detect the location which is very battery friendly, but I can see how there will be people who do not like to have a 'location' based location for various reasons. BeWeather on other platforms actually allows that option.

You will probably see an option to delete and re-add the 'My Location' in a future update of BeWeather.

Regarding the background updates and icon badge. If you turn off background refresh the icon badge will work as you described. It will only update whenever you open the app.

Nice app! The catch to use all the great features is an in app purchase that doesn't share the price of the in-app purchase. This could have been a great app if they would just charge for the app. This is a cross between the Yahoo app and Dark Sky.

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Like the app at first glance and have a feeling it will stay in my Weather folder with Fahrenheit, Vader and Yahoo Weather. All other weather apps I have tried are no longer installed.

Keep up the reviews as I have found a few apps I really like based on reviews on iMore.

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This was my favorite bb app. It was fun. Does anyone know if we'll be able to use icon sets with this. It would be nice to change the badge icon.

Sent from the iMore App

Will this app really provide lock screen visuals? It was my understanding that Apple didn't allow 3rd party App on the lock screen?

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Searching their support site, there's not a single mention of this App nor on their main page! LMAO

I guess it was painful to finally give up wasting their time and energy on a dead platform!

As for me, Yahoo Weather on iPad and default on my iPhone serve me fine.

I loved this app on my Z and Q Love the fact that I can finally get it on my iPad

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The temperature badge is a nice addition. This is one of the few apps that I purchase the "pro" version of no matter what platform I'm on. It would be nice if we could have weather on the lock screen all the time. But since I just recently switched from android maybe I don't know how to do that yet.

Great App, almost the best Weather App I feel, but..... I would like to see (or have the option to) have the landing page when I first open the App the list of all my locations (like in the native weather App) then swipe left to see the location in the top of the list then swipe again to see next, you get it!
Also, this might sound strange but depending where I am in the world I either understand the temperature in C or F so would be great to have a quick toggle between the two in the location list page (again like in the native weather App). After this, its the best for me and will go on my home screen!! LOL