Bible App 5 now available with enhanced sharing features

Bible App 5

Bible App has received a big update today, bringing social features to the good book in version 5. You can now explore the Bible with your friends, and have a stream of their activity in the Home view of the app itself.

Other new features include being able to like and comment on friends bookmarks or notes, where you can share ideas and questions about anything you've read.

The app is free, and you can download it right from iTunes.

Source: YouVersion; Thanks, Robert!

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Reader comments

Bible App 5 now available with enhanced sharing features


Could you point me to the chapter and verse where it states that? I can't seem to find it, but obviously you are very enlightened. I'll wait.......

It's not 'in a chapter'. To come up with the 6000 number you just have to do the math by following the chronology from Genesis through the birth of Christ. This is what biblical scholars do. If you take the bible seriously then you will easily come up with the same number. The bible also teaches that a woman must marry their rapists, that children should be murdered if they speak up, and that gay people should be killed. Personally I don't believe in the bible because it's a barbaric and morally reprehensible work of Iron Age fiction. But to each his own.

The Bible does not teach those things, as none of it is God's law. It is Hebrew laws in the Old Testament.

Deuteronomy is the word of God as spoken to Moses according to the most respected Christian leaders, biblical scholars, and the most devoted of believers. For example, self defined true Christians say Homosexuality is a sin because it's written in the bible. The exact same section of the Bible also says that women must marry their rapists. The Bible also says that one can own slaves and murder witches and non-believers. All are the word of God (according to myth). Some Christians cherry pick what is acceptable by secular morality, but that is not being a serious believer. That is being a halfway atheist.

It states that you will one day stand before God and give an account for everything you said and did in this life. Good luck.'s a bible app. You know, an app for people who read the bible? Since you clearly do NOT ("I've heard of this book"), please save us all some comment space and move on.

Yes show me also where this is stated in the bible. If you would like to I lighten yourself I would recommend going to This is a group of scientist that use the bible to prove the world and universe are millions of years old. Not all Christians think the earth is 6000 years old, just the un educated ones.

The Bible app was already a great app to keep you centered. Now with the update it is even better.:-)

Good to see the updates. For those who claim the Bible espouses hate, please read the whole book. Jesus hated no one.