Bill Maher Calls Me a Dipshit, and a Virgin. There Goes my Self-esteem

Well known comedian, and marijuana advocate, Bill Maher humiliates iPhone fanboys still rabid over iPhone's $200 price cut. Maher goes on to call angry early adopters "dipshits" for having stood in line for a hours to buy a phone, and tells us to stop our bitching. His commentary is delightful and insulting, as always.

Sorry, Bill. I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my iPhone is.


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Reader comments

Bill Maher Calls Me a Dipshit, and a Virgin. There Goes my Self-esteem


I don't know-- I bought early and I was a bit steamed about the price cut... but when I watched him live Friday night (as I always do) or when I just watched it again.... I laughed.
It is pretty funny. And maybe, just maybe, he had a point. Maybe if the same energy that fueled the uproar over Apple's price cut went out about really serious things, like global warming, the healthcare crisis etc. things wouldn't as messed up as they are right now.

Not a big fan of Maher, I generally think he's just another windbag on TV. Most of the time he just reads from cue cards that his writers have written. Which is just what happened here. (you can tell when he ends up chuckling at the end, as if he'd never read the damn joke before - which he probably hadn't.)
I did snort (nerd laugh) a bit at the "nerd tax" joke. Pretty funny. But I have a feeling that if something like this happened to Bill regarding something he enjoys (porn maybe?), he'd be the first and probably the loudest to complain and demand a refund. There's a reason people like him have shows like his. Its because he can form an opinion on anything and everything at the drop of a hat, and doesn't have to answer for any of them. He just spouts out whatever will keep people watching.

Aw c'mon Fluke - it's just (quite good) satire ie, what's true stings, but you gotta laugh or else you cry. Sure Maher may be a (stoner) puppet on a string but who cares - take our fearless leaders instead (here, this is for you and dan: ) but I digress and shamelessly plug my own plundering, yet it's the name of the shame and satire game...