BioShock is Coming to the iPhone

Are you guys familiar with BioShock? It was an amazing first person shooter that released for the Xbox 360 and PC. As one of the best games of 2007, it created a beautiful story through deep emotional connection and stunning visuals. And guess what. It's coming to the iPhone.

Yes, that's not a typo. It hasn't even been ported to a portable gaming machine yet but it is coming to the iPhone. Who knows how well it can translate to a mobile device, but this shows how much faith developers have in the iPhone. Note: A 2D version is also going to be released for mobile devices that can't handle the full 3D Game. I'm looking at you Blackberry. =)

I couldn't find a video for you guys but folks are saying that it looks spectacular. No one has actually given gameplay a twirl yet so the controls can't be spoken for, but the video shown to a few insiders was rendered on the iPhone itself.

So who's NOT excited about gaming on the iPhone?


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Reader comments

BioShock is Coming to the iPhone


Bring on the games! If anyone knows where to find the video demo of BioShock, please post the URL.
It'd be even sweeter if they included the use of the Accelerometer in game play.

I don't know about this BioShock business, but I am definitely excited about gaming coming to the iPhone. I am not into these new games ... I am more old school. I remember seeing that Galaga and PacMan were coming to iPhone 2.0. I don't know about PacMan (I never was a fan of that one), but I cannot wait for Galaga. That was one of my all time favorites. I would also like to see some of the classic '80's games from the height of the arcade era return such as Tron, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Defender, etc. June 9 cannot come quick enough!!!

BioShock is one the greatest ever console games that makes 95% of other titles look what they are, unadventurous, washed out, warmed up and lazy/easy rehashes of stuff that first came out 10 years ago. Can't for the life of me though see how they could port it and make it play the same way it does on the 360 as there is a heck of a lot of button action needed.

The use of the Accelerometer would be severly sweet for the Telekenesis power you acquire!

erm yeah right,, HOW WOULD YOU CONTROL IT, tilt and touch thats just stupid ur hand over the graphics display screen and the other tilting the dam phone "YEAH I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THAT WAY BECAUSE IM DUM"
this article states one thing to me the gaming industry is insane ds the biggest userbase and best controls
wii the biggest userbase and best controls
iphone just comming out and crappy controls
the 3rd party gaming companys have serious issues with NINTENDO ENVY

ok, stick with your wii...
Oh man, I feel bad with my ps3 and it's capabilities of having long games with graphics that don't belong 5 years ago.
I wish I had a wii or a ds...

you are an idiot. a big freakin idiot.
as for controlling a FPS on the iphone, its NOT actually to much hassle. BIA didnt have the best control scheme, BUT it showed you can play a shooter on it without your fingers getting in the way of the action. It didnt fully take into account the accelerometer. So add that in the mix and FPS controls will be a piece of cake on the iphone.
You are pretty arrogant and unwilling to accept NEW ways to play games. And that is VERY surprising coming from a NINTENDO fan boy. a company that prides itself on THAT VERY IDEA.
So now i have made you piss and just completely owned you, feel free to go cry in the corner like the whiny little bitch you are.

QQ wee 13itch!
One day when you grow up and stop weening from your mamma, you might wake up and realise that shaking around inaccurate, idiot-proof Wii tardmotes is no more skillful than having a seizure.
I made the epic mistake of buying a DS and every game has been a poorly made and childish experience. They somehow made metroid suck!! I am embarrassed for Nintendo to the point where I wont use it, especially not in public. As for the Wii, the family got one for Christmas and it was the most unexciting experience possible from a video console.
I would suggest that you use an iPhone before you make any feeble attempt at dissing but then your allowance that your parents give you probably only affords you enough to payoff the school bully.
If you cant imagine a sweet mobile gaming experience on the iPhone then, like most people with a sub-average IQ, you will not be capable of thinking outside the box. Probably resulting in a future in lawncare. And as Kam said, you are in the corner; bottom corner...

bioshock coming out for iphone makes sense.
the ds couldn't handle it for shit. The psp could.
i suppose controlling it might be a little bit fucked up at first, but bioshock is too full of win to even let that bother me.
i really do wish they'd hurry up and make a WWE game for iphone though. that would be awesome!

i hope it comes out, but i don't think they'll ever release it :( the reason i think so is because i've been waiting for this far to long! i hope they at least leave us the trailer, so we can be sure it is really coming! i won't give up hope! it will come some day!

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