Birdfeed Twitter Client for iPhone Goes 1.2

Birdfeed [$2.99 - iTunes link], one of the best looking, slickest working iPhone Twitter clients we've looked at, has just been updated to version 1.2 and is jam-packed with new, well-handled features:

  • Geographic locations can now be attached to posted tweets using Twitter's new Geo API, and a tweet's location, if present, will now be displayed as a place name (e.g. "Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York") in the tweet detail view. Tweet locations can also be examined in a new map view.
  • Flickr accounts can now be used as photo sharing services for
  • New photo posting sheet allows larger versions of photos to be examined before they are posted, and for metadata (such as title, description, and tags) to be entered.
  • Settings for location posting, photo sharing, and URL shortening are now located inside the app, and can be specified on a per-account basis. Additionally, the local tweet cache can be cleared for each account from its settings screen.
  • The Direct Messages Inbox now has a toolbar with refresh and mark all read buttons.
  • Mentions can now be marked as read simply by tapping into their detail view from the main timeline.
  • and Tweeteorites have been added to the profile services menu.

How's 1.2 holding up so far? Birdfeed implements the Geo API flawlessly, though it takes a while for the location to manifest (I got near Quebec the first time I tapped it, then a nearby cross-street when I tapped it again -- which is kind of creepy in a cyber-stalked sort of way).

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Birdfeed Twitter Client for iPhone Goes 1.2


It's OK, the timeline is nice and the location is good. I can't find the settings you mention above at all, where are they? Still not as nice a user experience as Tweetie I'm afraid.