BiteSMS now available for iOS 5 [jailbreak]

BiteSMS iOS 5

BiteSMS, one of my favorite jailbreak apps, just got updated for iOS 5. It is a beta version and the developer is asking that you don't submit bug reports just yet as they already know about a lot of them.

Due to the overwhelming number of emails from users wanting to be private beta testers, we have decided to release this iOS 5 compliant version via a public beta repos.

This is a very early beta release, so at this stage please don’t email us bug reports as we most likely know about them. This is not a normal beta, it’s more that users running iOS 5 would no doubt prefer something as opposed to nothing!!!

Saying that, it’s a pretty stable release and we hope you like the new look Quick Compose and Quick Reply plus the deep integration with the Apple Notification Centre. Also iMessage works seamlessly inside biteSMS.

If you'd like to try out the beta version of BiteSMS for iOS 5, simply add the following Cydia repository:

Once you install the beta version simply perform a tethered boot and you should be good to go. If you try it out let us know what you think. If you need more help, check out our TiPb jailbreak forums!

BiteSMS forums

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Reader comments

BiteSMS now available for iOS 5 [jailbreak]


Wish apple would get there head out of thre a$$ and make this available to us without jailbreak. This is truly how SMS should have been implemented for ios4.

Speaking of bugs, the ad on the mobile version of this post is only showing me "Headline Text" and "Sub-headline Text."

Is that a theme you have for bitesms or is that what the beta looks like? I'd love to know how to change my chat bubbles on bitesms

for me too, but these are a most have too: activator + spring flash, sbsettings + retina++!, intelliscreen x and action menu!

Intelli screen X is not that good as it needs to initaillizize it before you can use it everytime you respring

Its great,at first glance,i love the white theme and the new style of pinning the display picture but im not sure if im the only one.The pop up display is on an angle,it would be great if they can offer us rotation button

Anyone else have a problem with it slowing down their iphone? Maybe its the ads but my phone was running really laggu till i uninstalled it.

Can you create another bitesms which just require you to respring your device instead of rebooting as my iPhone home button is spoiled and it would be a trouble to download software in the computer to land my phone into dfu mode so the best thing is to just restart springboard.