biteSMS gets updated to include TextFreek integration and iOS 4.3 compatibility [jailbreak]

biteSMS has just been updated to version 5.2 which includes integration with TextFreek, a service that provides free SMS messaging between iOS, Android, and Blackberry users. This update to biteSMS also includes iOS 4.3 compatibility. The update also includes a few new features such as remembering contact settings for the bite network and carrier network. Jailbreakers should still keep in mind that even though iOS 4.3 compatibility has been added, there's still no easy untethered iOS 4.3 jailbreak solution available yet. Click through for a full list of changes.

  • TextFreek integration (text for FREE!!!) - See biteSMS, Settings, TextFreek.
  • iOS 4.3 compatibility.
  • New feature for the default send method to be 'Remember per Contact'. Especially useful when you’d like to switch to using the biteSMS network for specific friends (say international or not included in your carriers unlimited plan).
  • Added ringtone support for iOS 4.2.1 such that biteSMS now interacts correctly with the new iOS per contact ringtone feature.
  • For biteSMS Ringtones (packaged or in directory structure) the volume is now reduced by 50% if headphones are plugged-in.
  • With privacy set, the [Open] and [Call] buttons should display as active / inactive as expected.
  • Fixed up bug when composing a new scheduled message it did not always show the scheduled clock icon.

Anyone download the new version? Let us know of any bugs or issues you experience in the comments!

BiteSMS changelog

Allyson Kazmucha

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There are 11 comments. Add yours.

francolasalsa#IM says:

Love this app ! SMS the way it's meant to be

Stephen says:

Now if they would just add swipe so my friend will get off my a** that she doesn't have it. :)

mtmjr90 says:

My friend switched from iPhone to Android and hardcore misses biteSMS. She's currently using ChompSMS and tried Handcent, but nothing compares...

Chad says:

Seeing a oddity with hidden contacts where "Open" is always a live button. It will open the biteSMS App then it crashes bringing me back to the springboard. No 'security' issues but still not how it was in 5.1

B says:

Great update. I use the privacy settings, so anything fixed with that is a welcome addition.

Paul says:

Best jailbreak app out there. That being said this update doesn't interest me as it already fulfils all my needs

logantx says:

It is one of the reason I JB.

Silvio says:

biteSMS is like a taste of Heaven! :D

beatdown says:

They should make a legal app for iphone users.

Victor says:

I've always wanted to try bitesms... but I primarily use textfree and it doesn't support textfree yet sooo kind of pointless for me right now.

Webtech says:

Is this actually a free texting app?