Blackberry Bold as Busted on 3G as the iPhone?

More Blackberry Bold coverage? What are we, ? Fair point. But come on, RIM's latest/greatest did just launch in North America yesterday, so it's only polite that we pay it some attention. How does RIM repay us, however? It's not enough they iClone our glossy black and silver edged form factor, now they've got to iClone our 3G network connectivity issues as well?

I mean, we've gone on, and on, and on (or should it be off?) about the reports of the iPhone suffering from a string of perplexing 3G connection problems. Blame has been laid with the carriers and their networks, with chip manufacturer Infineon and their hardware and drivers, and with Apple and their 2.0h-no firmware. But thus far, while 2.0.2 supposedly addresses some issues for some users, no widespread solution has yet appeared.

However, reports are also now surfacing of the brand spanking new BlackBerry Bold suffering from very similar sounding problems. Says Electronista:

[Citigroup investment analyst Jim Suva] also notes that the BlackBerry suffers from the same problems of the iPhone, including 3G connection problems; the device will frequently drop 3G in favor of a slower, 2G EDGE link when downtown. Suva speculates that the flaw may likewise stem from rough software and that AT&T may have delayed its launch primarily to stabilize 3G performance.

Of course, our friends over at Crackberry HQ would likely point out that, as usual, truck-sized grain of salt should ship standard with every analyst report, and that AT&T due to the size and perhaps complexity of their network, does a whole heaping lot of testing.

But misery -- and lack of connectivity -- does love company, doesn't it?

For my part, other than Gmail on the iPhone continuing to make my life miserable, 3G is a little slow in connecting at first, but then seems to be working fine.

(Thanks Bad Ash for the tip!)

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Blackberry Bold as Busted on 3G as the iPhone?


I don't understand, what is wrong with your Gmail dude? Mine works every single day. I have it configured via IMAP...You?

Well, I wonder if RIM used the same chip/vendor as Apple for the 3G radio? :) Also, the performance issues I have seen reported so far (e.g. the browser) were done over wifi on the RIM... so 3G shouldn't have been a factor. My favorite compared Wifi on RIM to EDGE on iPhone... and the latter still beat the former, but by a slimmer margin. ;)

Not "reports" have surfaced, "a" report has surfaced about the 3G issue and a pre release version of the Bold. You left out this important portion of the Suva comments (properly covered by information "Suva notes that the version he tested was a prerelease version. It is possible that RIM and AT&T are still finalizing the software on the Bold, which could clear up reception issues." The 3G issues on the iPhone are being experienced by many users of the production phone.