BlackBerry CMO expecting BBM for iPhone to launch 'within days'

After the first launch of BBM on iPhone suffered massive issues and was eventually halted, we've been left wondering when, if at all, we may see the messaging service again. According to a report on Reuters, BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben expects a launch 'within days.'

Boulben said the company already has 6 million Android and iPhone customers pre-registered for the launch of its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service.

He said he expects the BBM to launch on both those platforms "within days," adding that the company is confident that it fixed issues that arose after the initial cross-platform launch of the messaging service last month.

Whether this turns out to be the case or not, we'll have to wait and see. There is still plenty of interest it seems in BBM for Android and iOS, how long it lasts only time will tell.

Source: Reuters via CrackBerry

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Reader comments

BlackBerry CMO expecting BBM for iPhone to launch 'within days'


Well for me I loved bbm since my first blackberry that I had but now using iPhone but I would love to have bbm to keep contact with the ppl I know that still have bbm... But I think the longer they gonna keep us waiting the less interest everyone gonna be when it is released to iOS

BBM is waste of time now a days seen as there's so man cross platform apps that does the same i.e whatsapp ;)

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"BBM is a waste of time now-a-days seeing as there are so many cross-platform apps that do the same . . ."
There, fixed it for you . . Even though I couldn't disagree more

Whatsapp, Wechat and Kik have already killed BBM. Not going to install this and waste useful memory.

BBM is faster and more reliable. It's Enterprise class. BBM just needs a little polish. Blackberry servers are actually even better than Microsoft and Apple, it's just there hardware and apps that suck.

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don't have a need for it, don't know anybody with it. but there seems to be a lot out there that do. its a matter of choice.

even though they have all these cross messaging apps out there i never used any of them cept for tango for the video call to other phones but i never had interest in any of those messaging apps but if bbm does come to ios i am in!!

BBM is really awesome! One of the great things I enjoy about BlackBerry! BBM really is a lot better than these other messaging apps. Nothing compares to it... Even though it's been delayed getting it out, people will still download it. Just wait and see..

Amazing how long it has taken. I guess we'll see now whether they really can deliver.

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