Can the BlackBerry RIMPIRE strike back against iPhone?

Mr. Michaluk goes to Waterloo [the competition]

Nixon went to China. Reagan went to the Berlin Wall. Moses went to pharaoh. Now our own Mr. Michaluk has gone to Waterloo, the "Cupertino of Canada" as he calls it -- the BlackBerry mothership. Ostensibly there for the RIM shareholder event -- and perhaps to break, Mission Impossible style, into their labs and liberate a BlackBerry Bold 9900 -- odds are Kev will also see the first signs of whether or not BlackBerry is headed towards RIMAGEDDON, or if it's finally time for the RIMPIRE to strike back. (If so, he's already got the t-shirt!)

Firebrand that he is, the students of Waterloo are already gathering around him, ready to rise up against the Android onslaught they feel threatens their beloved BlackBerrys. But here's the thing -- with iOS 5 on the horizon, and the iPhone 5 (and maybe even a second new iPad) heading their way like a freight-train in a couple months, what can RIM pull out of their PlayBook just to keep pace, never mind catch up?

Keep your eyes peeled to for a week of thrills, chills, and device spills, and we'll see just what 3 COOs, 2 CEOs, and the world's number one fanboy can do to breathe new life into the BlackBerry brand.


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Reader comments

Can the BlackBerry RIMPIRE strike back against iPhone?


RIm will do NOTHING until is launches a decent phone with a new updated operating system. And it may already be too late. Until the very day they announce that phone, they are a declining force no matter what anyone at Crackberry wants to think. Sorry guys.

Probably not, RIM is one of those late adapter type companies. Like Blockbuster and Borders, they were late to the party and now every attempt they try to do to catch up end in failure.

Blackberry own the service, but iPhone wins the user experience.
Nevermind the OS and the specs from geeks point of view. Pure "user" just want the unique expirience while they're using their personal gadget.

RIM is in serious problem right now with android and IOS we all know that, but there's 1 thing that Blackberry have and 2 others don't. Only 'expert gadget user' know what it is... So maybe that's why RIM is goin down, because no one cares anymore about smartphone and what its true meaning.. Not just a phone with a lot of game in its 'market' or its 'app store'

Reagan went to a wall that was already coming down, like a rooster crowing for a sun to rise that is rising anyway. Moses never existed... and Nixon... well... you know how that turns out.

I'm all for Apple, but if RIM goes under like some people here seem to hope its affect on Waterloo would be HUGE, it is everywhere here: sports complexes, 25 buildings, charities, sponsorships.
RIM even partnered with Free The Children to send 50 High school kids to Kenya to help
so as much as I don't like BB's there are people that do, and for that i'm thankful

You will thank RIM for proper notifications, application integration with contacts and imessage when you finally get them.
Apple needs to develop and stop remarketing other companies idea's.