BlackBerry shows off BBM Voice, Channels for iOS, forgets to tell us when they're coming

While BlackBerry may have finally gone cross-platform with BBM, the iOS and Android releases were missing some of the big features such as voice and channels. Both will be arriving at some point in the future, and BlackBerry has put together a short video clip showing them off for the first time. Without saying anything about when the features will be coming.

BBM Voice is actually a pretty reliable, and good quality VoIP service, but it faces stiff competition on the iPhone from the likes of FaceTime Audio, without even considering the ample third-party offerings already available. BBM Channels is actually an interesting prospect, and personally the feature I'm most looking forward to seeing on BBM for iOS.

So, take a look at the video up top, and drop your thoughts into the comments below. An excited BBM user already or perhaps this makes you want to switch?

Source: Inside BlackBerry via CrackBerry

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Reader comments

BlackBerry shows off BBM Voice, Channels for iOS, forgets to tell us when they're coming


Nice awkward commercial, especially at the end. It is infinitely better than that Super Bowl ad though.

As for the timing of this release don't worry about that. Whatever time they promised would have been broken and knowing Blackberry it probably will be nice and glitchy the first few months.

I really do feel bad for all the people screwed by that management group.

"but it faces stiff competition on the iPhone from the likes of FaceTime Audio,"

I'm not sure that face time audio is a reasonable comparison due to it being proprietary. Unless it is planned to go cross platform?

Skype maybe. But if bbm voice on Android and iOS is anywhere near the quality of BlackBerry to BlackBerry it is differentiated in quality.

As mentioned above, I do hope the bugs are minimal. It has gone for semi-public beta testing this week so hopefully the expanded testing group gets bugs squished before release.

There were a few interesting features in the short ads from blackberry. Features that would go great in ios, such as being able to share your location for a brief moment and having it go private after the expire timer. Facetime audio and iMessage still aren't as reliable as I would like them to be and there is also the problem of my relatives not choosing apple as their preferred brand in Jamaica. Would be interesting to see how this works though and I may just give it a shot. As for blackberry not giving a date that's a wonderful move on their part. I used to be a blackberry enthusiast and the one thing that constantly had me frustrated and that I also hated was their inability to meet a date that they set, or if they were able to meet that date they would pump out some lack luster product. Take it slow and do it right.

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There are so many phones out there, so a cross platform messenger would be great, especially one with quality voice and video. The sidelights of file transfer, location and group messaging, now allegedly 50 members might make it a killer app. Stranger things have happened!

Go BlackBerry! Just please don't make us wait too long, a lot of people are really getting comfortable with the current offerings.